Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  El RIDO ddb1c550f5 remove alerts when missing showdown & prettify libraries, if the are missing it is intentionally done in the configuration, fixes #237 2 days ago
  El RIDO c2e060d464 made compression configurable, fixes #38 2 days ago
  El RIDO 848d3563f4 making StyleCI & Scrutinizer happy 2 days ago
  El RIDO 47944ba3b1 updating DOMpurify to 1.0.11, fixes #442 2 days ago
  El RIDO 8dc9db90c9 added translation for Czech, provided by @info-path, fixes #424 2 days ago
  El RIDO c9680ed741 Merge branch 'brunob-patch-1' 2 days ago
  El RIDO 5a1adea050 Merge branch 'patch-1' of into brunob-patch-1 2 days ago
  El RIDO f5fee9b44a Merge branch 'httpinsecure' 2 days ago
  El RIDO 40493dfb3a simplify logic, adding test cases for all combinations of URLs that are regarded as secure context 2 days ago
  El RIDO 61fde53de0 adding IPv6 localhost to exceptions 2 days ago
  El RIDO dc193f7555 Revert "removing exceptions - in these cases server admins can opt to disable the warning message in the configuration" 2 days ago
  El RIDO d9f27fb004 avoid instability of tests due to Alert callback testing, which can prevent notifications from getting displayed 2 days ago
  El RIDO 603f7fd911 adding tests for all cases 3 days ago
  El RIDO 59153633b8 adding test for bot UAs 3 days ago
  El RIDO d0365faf76 removing exceptions - in these cases server admins can opt to disable the warning message in the configuration 3 days ago
  El RIDO 57bd65225d added new translation strings, moved URLs out of translations as they are static and it makes translation more compact 3 days ago
  El RIDO 58fa7c987d password modal is used in all flavors of the bootstrap theme 3 days ago
  rugk b7db033bdd Adjust config text 4 days ago
  rugk e5974d4663 Prefer isSecureContext if available 4 days ago
  rugk a1b1efeae2 Adjust messages 4 days ago
  b_b 59dc413829 Fix #443 4 days ago
  El RIDO 50cc6995e0 making use of the URL object in the existing tests 5 days ago
  El RIDO 1958a55651 adding new dev dependency to support the URL object 5 days ago
  El RIDO 77419ec2c1 Merge branch 'master' into httpinsecure 5 days ago
  El RIDO e9ce8ca1a0 fixing font paths 1 week ago
  El RIDO b1be74a56f support processing of Error types in notifications, adresses #441 1 week ago
  El RIDO 42c2003220 made notice configurable, fixing a few CSS glitches 1 week ago
  El RIDO a67c9ab129 reworded the message, added the missing translation strings 1 week ago
  El RIDO fc914b4b84 moved bad bot check into InitialCheck, changed old ie notice into generic update warning, when unsupported user agent is detected and made the other IE alert show in all versions as it is now entirely unsupported 1 week ago
  El RIDO 748b85e025 Merge branch master into httpinsecure 1 week ago