Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  El RIDO d3153b5e38 trying to fix travis on PHP 5 by removing composer.lock that depends on imcompatible phpunit version 21 hours ago
  El RIDO 71797d1dd4 changes required for jsdoc, adding legacy.js to code coverage 22 hours ago
  El RIDO 476b9c90e2 updating PHP dependencies (they remain unchanged), committing lock for github dependency graph support 1 day ago
  El RIDO 2d4edfe401 incrementing version number in preparation of release 1 day ago
  El RIDO ced5f30280 Merge branch 'cryptomilk-master-htaccess' 3 days ago
  El RIDO d5aeba60ca increase default size limit to 10 MiB, documenting change 3 days ago
  El RIDO 5c0012cf51 adding database migration to increase data to MEDIUMBLOB on MySQL by default 3 days ago
  El RIDO 091dc14074 Merge branch 'master-htaccess' of into cryptomilk-master-htaccess 3 days ago
  El RIDO a3f793fec7 documenting changes 3 days ago
  El RIDO b496ae42fd Merge branch 'better-feature-detection' 3 days ago
  El RIDO e9eeeacdf0 addressing jsverifyRngState 0f5ea3f961827b0c4d 3 days ago
  El RIDO 8da382f7c6 Merge branch 'master' into better-feature-detection 3 days ago
  El RIDO 28d70a1b18 upgrading DOMpurify, fixes #520 3 days ago
  El RIDO c1f6e5663b Merge branch 'master' into better-feature-detection 4 days ago
  El RIDO bf0be09f09 removing old IE warning, as it is ignored by IE. The modern warning does get displayed, so let's use this more generic warning instead. 4 days ago
  El RIDO 955317d924 make codacy a bit happier 4 days ago
  El RIDO 8e27dbff15 clarify the use of 'unsafe-eval' and what the impact removing it has - Firefox users may not care and disable it to improve security 4 days ago
  El RIDO 7c61f59dcd removing untranslated string for non-human entities, moving insecure notice to template, so it can remains translated 4 days ago
  El RIDO 70c38db81d adding ES6 and async feature detection to correctly flag old chromes and operas with the modern browser error 5 days ago
  El RIDO 4332d0edb0 making legacy.js work even on IE 6 by avoiding jQuery 5 days ago
  El RIDO 5810f17c31 fixing HTTP only error detection in Chrome and Android by ensuring all logic is contained in legacy.js 5 days ago
  El RIDO 15b3d67ba7 adding browserstack badge in order to be elegible for their OpenSource program ( 6 days ago
  El RIDO 1a42158dd1 address Codacy's concern about missing semicolons 1 week ago
  El RIDO 713ce148a4 address Codacy's concern that i is already defined 1 week ago
  El RIDO 63426d6f8b splitting out PrivateBin.InitialCheck class into Legacy.Check and working on making it compatible with IE 11 1 week ago
  El RIDO a363b2ff95 eslint env cleanup 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO c2962af4f8 trying different approach to convince codacy about false positive 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO ae11d168ce trying to convince codacy about the eslint changes 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO 7b029d3657 trying to convince codacy about the eslint changes 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO b1c9ca65fa trying to address eslint false positives 2 weeks ago