Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  El RIDO 599264e167 partially address #556 - now comments can only be added after successfull decryption 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO ed590ee557 incrementing version 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO ef8943d838 upgrading base-x library to 3.0.7 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO 2fd649db14 upgrading showdown to released 1.9.1 version 2 weeks ago
  El RIDO a9bf667f8e address error, displayed when paste has attachment, but configuration has them disabled 3 weeks ago
  El RIDO 4bf7f863dc more general solution addressing #554, kudos @rugk for the suggestions 3 weeks ago
  El RIDO 8d0ac336d2 addressing jsverifyRngState 8b8f0d4ec2a67139b5, fixes HTML injection via filename, closes #554 1 month ago
  Haocen Xu 87cf61c39b Update SRI 2 months ago
  El RIDO af8d963fd2 updating DOMpurify library, fixes #523 2 months ago
  El RIDO 8cf0c86ebb simplify case statement, update documentation 2 months ago
  Haocen Xu 7d7ff34d83 Update SRI 2 months ago
  Haocen Xu e079f6c830 Implement Email button 5 months ago
  Haocen Xu 6fc4303acc Update SRI 3 months ago
  El RIDO 71797d1dd4 changes required for jsdoc, adding legacy.js to code coverage 4 months ago
  El RIDO 2d4edfe401 incrementing version number in preparation of release 4 months ago
  El RIDO 8da382f7c6 Merge branch 'master' into better-feature-detection 4 months ago
  El RIDO 28d70a1b18 upgrading DOMpurify, fixes #520 4 months ago
  El RIDO bf0be09f09 removing old IE warning, as it is ignored by IE. The modern warning does get displayed, so let's use this more generic warning instead. 4 months ago
  El RIDO 955317d924 make codacy a bit happier 4 months ago
  El RIDO 7c61f59dcd removing untranslated string for non-human entities, moving insecure notice to template, so it can remains translated 4 months ago
  El RIDO 70c38db81d adding ES6 and async feature detection to correctly flag old chromes and operas with the modern browser error 4 months ago
  El RIDO 4332d0edb0 making legacy.js work even on IE 6 by avoiding jQuery 4 months ago
  El RIDO 5810f17c31 fixing HTTP only error detection in Chrome and Android by ensuring all logic is contained in legacy.js 4 months ago
  El RIDO 1a42158dd1 address Codacy's concern about missing semicolons 4 months ago
  El RIDO 713ce148a4 address Codacy's concern that i is already defined 4 months ago
  El RIDO 63426d6f8b splitting out PrivateBin.InitialCheck class into Legacy.Check and working on making it compatible with IE 11 4 months ago
  El RIDO b1c9ca65fa trying to address eslint false positives 4 months ago
  El RIDO 5471757fa7 making webassembly optional, ensuring retry button works when wrong password is provided 4 months ago
  El RIDO 813e72d871 don't encode HTML entities in translations if they contain links 5 months ago
  El RIDO c56d777c11 fixing logic when there are no icons and warning icons, add more test cases 5 months ago