Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  El RIDO d317cfbcc0 update SRI hashes 2 days ago
  Haocen Xu 2eed7a8a1c Update SRI 6 days ago
  Haocen Xu 3a9730f883 Improve file upload UX 1 week ago
  El RIDO e7fab8439d documenting showdown fix and incrementing library version to circumvent browser caching 6 days ago
  El RIDO f22449ffd1 Merge branch 'fix-showdown' of into macropin 6 days ago
  Andrew Cutler 49b358b1ee patch showdown.js to allow 100 nested spans. Ref 1 week ago
  Haocen Xu 71931b0f18 Clear discussion if new/clone paste clicked 1 week ago
  Haocen Xu a5cd8696e6 Ensure shortener button re-enable after creating new paste 1 week ago
  Haocen Xu cd5ede5670 Enhance URL shortener integration, clear address bar when create new paste from existing paste 1 week ago
  El RIDO b0d1a3949e add bulgarian to the supported languages 1 month ago
  El RIDO 07018e5876 incrementing version number in preparation of release 1 month ago
  El RIDO 2cbf528894 fixing failing unit tests in travisCI 1 month ago
  El RIDO 11375a4f59 moved referrer policy from CSP & meta to proper HTTP header to avoid browser console error message about unknown CSP header and to ensure it always applies before HTML is parsed, fixes #196 1 month ago
  El RIDO 67b9b5f0d8 correcting old browser detection logic, fixes #446 1 month ago
  El RIDO ddb1c550f5 remove alerts when missing showdown & prettify libraries, if the are missing it is intentionally done in the configuration, fixes #237 2 months ago
  El RIDO c2e060d464 made compression configurable, fixes #38 2 months ago
  El RIDO 47944ba3b1 updating DOMpurify to 1.0.11, fixes #442 2 months ago
  El RIDO 8dc9db90c9 added translation for Czech, provided by @info-path, fixes #424 2 months ago
  El RIDO 40493dfb3a simplify logic, adding test cases for all combinations of URLs that are regarded as secure context 2 months ago
  El RIDO 61fde53de0 adding IPv6 localhost to exceptions 2 months ago
  El RIDO dc193f7555 Revert "removing exceptions - in these cases server admins can opt to disable the warning message in the configuration" 2 months ago
  El RIDO d9f27fb004 avoid instability of tests due to Alert callback testing, which can prevent notifications from getting displayed 2 months ago
  El RIDO 603f7fd911 adding tests for all cases 2 months ago
  El RIDO d0365faf76 removing exceptions - in these cases server admins can opt to disable the warning message in the configuration 2 months ago
  El RIDO 57bd65225d added new translation strings, moved URLs out of translations as they are static and it makes translation more compact 2 months ago
  rugk e5974d4663 Prefer isSecureContext if available 2 months ago
  rugk a1b1efeae2 Adjust messages 2 months ago
  El RIDO 50cc6995e0 making use of the URL object in the existing tests 2 months ago
  El RIDO 77419ec2c1 Merge branch 'master' into httpinsecure 2 months ago
  El RIDO b1be74a56f support processing of Error types in notifications, adresses #441 2 months ago