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  1. {
  2. "PrivateBin": "PrivateBin",
  3. "%s is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted <i>in the browser</i> using 256 bits AES. More information on the <a href=\"https://privatebin.info/\">project page</a>.":
  4. "%s是一个极简、开源、对粘贴内容毫不知情的在线粘贴板,数据<i>在浏览器内</i>进行AES-256加密。更多信息请查看<a href=\"https://privatebin.info/\">项目主页</a>。",
  5. "Because ignorance is bliss":
  6. "因为无知是福",
  7. "en": "zh",
  8. "Paste does not exist, has expired or has been deleted.":
  9. "粘贴内容不存在,已过期或已被删除。",
  10. "%s requires php %s or above to work. Sorry.":
  11. "%s需要PHP %s及以上版本来工作,抱歉。",
  12. "%s requires configuration section [%s] to be present in configuration file.":
  13. "%s需要设置配置文件中 [%s] 部分。",
  14. "Please wait %d seconds between each post.":
  15. "每 %d 秒只能粘贴一次。",
  16. "Paste is limited to %s of encrypted data.":
  17. "粘贴受限于 %s 加密数据。",
  18. "Invalid data.":
  19. "无效的数据。",
  20. "You are unlucky. Try again.":
  21. "请再试一次。",
  22. "Error saving comment. Sorry.":
  23. "保存评论时出现错误,抱歉。",
  24. "Error saving paste. Sorry.":
  25. "保存粘贴内容时出现错误,抱歉。",
  26. "Invalid paste ID.":
  27. "无效的ID。",
  28. "Paste is not of burn-after-reading type.":
  29. "粘贴内容不是阅后即焚类型。",
  30. "Wrong deletion token. Paste was not deleted.":
  31. "错误的删除token,粘贴内容没有被删除。",
  32. "Paste was properly deleted.":
  33. "粘贴内容已被正确删除。",
  34. "JavaScript is required for %s to work.<br />Sorry for the inconvenience.":
  35. "%s需要JavaScript来进行加解密。<br />给你带来的不便敬请谅解。",
  36. "%s requires a modern browser to work.":
  37. "%s需要在现代浏览器上工作。",
  38. "Still using Internet Explorer? Do yourself a favor, switch to a modern browser:":
  39. "还在使用Internet Explorer?对自己好点,换一个现代浏览器:",
  40. "New":
  41. "新建",
  42. "Send":
  43. "送出",
  44. "Clone":
  45. "复制",
  46. "Raw text":
  47. "纯文本",
  48. "Expires":
  49. "有效期",
  50. "Burn after reading":
  51. "阅后即焚",
  52. "Open discussion":
  53. "开放讨论",
  54. "Password (recommended)":
  55. "密码(推荐)",
  56. "Discussion":
  57. "讨论",
  58. "Toggle navigation":
  59. "切换导航栏",
  60. "%d seconds": ["%d 秒", "%d 秒"],
  61. "%d minutes": ["%d 分钟", "%d 分钟"],
  62. "%d hours": ["%d 小时", "%d 小时"],
  63. "%d days": ["%d 天", "%d 天"],
  64. "%d weeks": ["%d 周", "%d 周"],
  65. "%d months": ["%d 个月", "%d 个月"],
  66. "%d years": ["%d 年", "%d 年"],
  67. "Never":
  68. "永不过期",
  69. "Note: This is a test service: Data may be deleted anytime. Kittens will die if you abuse this service.":
  70. "注意:这是一个测试服务,数据随时可能被删除。如果你滥用这个服务的话,小猫咪会死的。",
  71. "This document will expire in %d seconds.":
  72. ["这份文档将在一秒后过期。", "这份文档将在 %d 秒后过期"],
  73. "This document will expire in %d minutes.":
  74. ["这份文档将在一分钟后过期。", "这份文档将在 %d 分钟后过期。"],
  75. "This document will expire in %d hours.":
  76. ["这份文档将在一小时后过期。", "这份文档将在 %d 小时后过期。"],
  77. "This document will expire in %d days.":
  78. ["这份文档将在一天后过期。", "这份文档将在 %d 天后过期。"],
  79. "This document will expire in %d months.":
  80. ["这份文档将在一个月后过期。", "这份文档将在 %d 个月后过期。"],
  81. "Please enter the password for this paste:":
  82. "请输入这份粘贴内容的密码:",
  83. "Could not decrypt data (Wrong key?)":
  84. "无法解密数据(密钥错误?)",
  85. "Could not delete the paste, it was not stored in burn after reading mode.":
  86. "无法删除此粘贴内容,它没有以阅后即焚模式保存。",
  87. "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Don't close this window, this message can't be displayed again.":
  88. "看!仔!细!了!不要关闭窗口,否则你再也见不到这条消息了。",
  89. "Could not decrypt comment; Wrong key?":
  90. "无法解密评论; 密钥错误?",
  91. "Reply":
  92. "回复",
  93. "Anonymous":
  94. "匿名",
  95. "Avatar generated from IP address":
  96. "由IP生成的头像",
  97. "Add comment":
  98. "添加评论",
  99. "Optional nickname…":
  100. "可选昵称…",
  101. "Post comment":
  102. "评论",
  103. "Sending comment…":
  104. "评论发送中…",
  105. "Comment posted.":
  106. "评论已发送。",
  107. "Could not refresh display: %s":
  108. "无法刷新显示:%s",
  109. "unknown status":
  110. "未知状态",
  111. "server error or not responding":
  112. "服务器错误或无回应",
  113. "Could not post comment: %s":
  114. "无法发送评论: %s",
  115. "Sending paste…":
  116. "粘贴内容提交中…",
  117. "Your paste is <a id=\"pasteurl\" href=\"%s\">%s</a> <span id=\"copyhint\">(Hit [Ctrl]+[c] to copy)</span>":
  118. "您粘贴内容的链接是<a id=\"pasteurl\" href=\"%s\">%s</a> <span id=\"copyhint\">(按下 [Ctrl]+[c] 以复制)</span>",
  119. "Delete data":
  120. "删除数据",
  121. "Could not create paste: %s":
  122. "无法创建粘贴:%s",
  123. "Cannot decrypt paste: Decryption key missing in URL (Did you use a redirector or an URL shortener which strips part of the URL?)":
  124. "无法解密粘贴:URL中缺失解密密钥(是否使用了重定向或者短链接导致密钥丢失?)",
  125. "Format": "格式",
  126. "Plain Text": "纯文本",
  127. "Source Code": "源代码",
  128. "Markdown": "Markdown",
  129. "Download attachment": "下载附件",
  130. "Cloned: '%s'": "副本: '%s'",
  131. "The cloned file '%s' was attached to this paste.": "副本 '%s' 已附加到此粘贴内容。",
  132. "Attach a file": "添加一个附件",
  133. "alternatively drag & drop a file or paste an image from the clipboard": "拖放文件或从剪贴板粘贴图片",
  134. "File too large, to display a preview. Please download the attachment.": "文件过大。要显示预览,请下载附件。",
  135. "Remove attachment": "移除附件",
  136. "Your browser does not support uploading encrypted files. Please use a newer browser.":
  137. "您的浏览器不支持上传加密的文件,请使用更新的浏览器。",
  138. "Invalid attachment.": "无效的附件",
  139. "Options": "选项",
  140. "Shorten URL": "缩短链接",
  141. "Editor": "编辑",
  142. "Preview": "预览",
  143. "%s requires the PATH to end in a \"%s\". Please update the PATH in your index.php.":
  144. "%s 的 PATH 变量必须结束于 \"%s\"。 请修改你的 index.php 中的 PATH 变量。",
  145. "Decrypt":
  146. "解密",
  147. "Enter password":
  148. "输入密码",
  149. "Loading…": "载入中…",
  150. "Decrypting paste…": "正在解密",
  151. "Preparing new paste…": "正在准备新的粘贴内容",
  152. "In case this message never disappears please have a look at <a href=\"%s\">this FAQ for information to troubleshoot</a>.":
  153. "如果这个消息一直存在,请参考 <a href=\"%s\">这里的 FAQ (英文版)</a>进行故障排除。",
  154. "+++ no paste text +++": "+++ 没有粘贴内容 +++",
  155. "Could not get paste data: %s":
  156. "无法获取粘贴数据:%s",
  157. "QR code": "二维码",
  158. "I love you too, bot…": "I love you too, bot…",
  159. "This website is using an insecure HTTP connection! Please use it only for testing.":
  160. "This website is using an insecure HTTP connection! Please use it only for testing.",
  161. "For more information <a href=\"%s\">see this FAQ entry</a>.":
  162. "For more information <a href=\"%s\">see this FAQ entry</a>.",
  163. "Your browser may require an HTTPS connection to support the WebCrypto API. Try <a href=\"%s\">switching to HTTPS</a>.":
  164. "Your browser may require an HTTPS connection to support the WebCrypto API. Try <a href=\"%s\">switching to HTTPS</a>."
  165. }