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  nodiscc fc66e61ca9 Merge pull request #1364 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/md-rss-permalink 4 days ago
  ArthurHoaro 0baa658130 Fix RSS permalink included in Markdown bloc 6 days ago
  ArthurHoaro 51837fe8ba Fix undefined thumbnail in OpenGraph headers (#1363) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro e0e24335f7 Fix undefined thumbnail on OpenGraph headers 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro 90ea2cb62e Merge pull request #1359 from shaarli/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/lodash-4.17.15 3 weeks ago
  dependabot[bot] 8d4cada793 Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.15 3 weeks ago
  ArthurHoaro 188a99db99 Merge pull request #1355 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/feed-md-directlink 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 354fb98cc9 Markdown plugin: fix RSS feed direct link reverse 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 5669f474f3 Merge pull request #1354 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/img-lazy-loading 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro b5e2b23c99 Fix image lazy loading issues 1 month ago
  nodiscc 0a4bc5a17d Merge pull request #1351 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/index-php-version 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro b405a44f29 Bump PHP version check in index.php 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 5f1617a480 Merge pull request #1352 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/ut-error 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro bd1adc8df6 Fix UT: LinkDBTest - make each tests independant 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 7ff3ed1d63 Merge pull request #1336 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/atom-author 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 14a7d73c2d Merge pull request #1350 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/sort-consistency 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro edcfe54c45 Merge pull request #1346 from kalvn/fixdailynotice 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 9f9627059a Make sure that bookmark sort is consistent, even with equal timestamps 1 month ago
  kalvn 8ba951640c Fixes a Undefined index: thumbnail in daily page. 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 1a6d61766a Bump badge version 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 3a52dfcc5c Merge pull request #1345 from ArthurHoaro/changelog-v0.11.1 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro f400ba291d Changelog v0.11.1 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 31c788ddcf Merge pull request #1344 from agentcobra/agentcobra-patch-1 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro e29a9a73b4 Merge pull request #1342 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/composer-php71 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro df40879739 Upgrade composer dependencies from PHP 7.1 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 91af3e6b19 Merge pull request #1341 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/travis-eol 1 month ago
  ArthurHoaro 5e61546a32 Remove Travis unit tests against PHP 5.6 and 7.0 1 month ago
  nodiscc 211d93307b Merge pull request #1340 from shaarli/fix-doc-links 1 month ago
  nodiscc 58c2701e54 doc: fix broken markdown link 1 month ago
  agentcobra 419eef1f56 little fix template 1 month ago