Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ArthurHoaro ef9d019ccd Docker build: add ARM64 platform and bump Github action version (#1965) 3 days ago
  nodiscc a7e361e22a Merge pull request #1962 from nodiscc/docker-armv7 1 week ago
  nodiscc 9a1ad45e90 remove ununsed Dockerfile.armhf 1 week ago
  nodiscc fd4379992d github actions: build OCI images that contin both amd64 and armv7 1 week ago
  nodiscc 9c9d6298bf Merge pull request #1960 from nodiscc/doc-updte-release-branch 1 week ago
  nodiscc 625235787e admin/server: use the 'release' branch as reference for latest release version number detection 1 week ago
  nodiscc 062698c123 doc: update release procedure (merge the latest release to the release branch) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro 6624f00c05 Makefile: Use GNU tar if available (#1957) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro c0c743f9c6 Bump badge version 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro 9e24bb317c Changelog v0.12.2 (#1956) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro ebe9417981 Rename authors makefile target to avoid conflicts with filename (#1955) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro 8cd369aee7 Fix Logger exception: gracefully handle permission issue (#1954) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro b858332f9f Fix a bug when using '/' as a tag separator (#1953) 1 week ago
  ArthurHoaro 8457001294 Do not display deprecated warnings by default (#1952) 1 week ago
  nodiscc f15ac5957a Merge pull request #1951 from nodiscc/doc-ghcrio 1 week ago
  nodiscc 721c090198 doc: move OCI images hosting to 1 week ago
  nodiscc 9195ce0378 Merge pull request #1950 from nodiscc/tests-php-8.2 1 week ago
  nodiscc 4b88cbb56c Merge pull request #1945 from nodiscc/docker-latest-replace-dev-with-hash 1 week ago
  nodiscc e4ee672404 github actions: add tests for PHP 8.2 1 month ago
  nodiscc 169755c6a9 docker: latest: replace dev in shaarli_version.php with the latest commit hash 2 weeks ago
  Denis Renning 4c76d4eea9 Github actions: update node (#1928) 1 week ago
  nodiscc 99485504d0 Merge pull request #1949 from hydrargyrum/master 1 week ago
  Hg cc2ea94d06 ci: push container images to github registry in addition to dockerhub 1 week ago
  nodiscc 1222aa62c5 Merge pull request #1947 from shaarli/fix-vintage-visibility-link 2 weeks ago
  nodiscc 50c27108c7 template/vintage: fix typo in visibility selection link 2 weeks ago
  nodiscc 0d70e5e44f Merge pull request #1938 from nodiscc/doc-proxy-timeout 3 weeks ago
  nodiscc a9acad9e1a doc: troubleshooting: add note to adjust proxy timeouts or PHP max execution time if encountering timeouts 1 month ago
  nodiscc f3316d707a Merge pull request #1939 from nodiscc/fix-php8-tests 1 month ago
  nodiscc b9938cf084 tools: github actions: fix PHP 8.0 tests 1 month ago
  nodiscc 8226308d67 Merge pull request #1936 from kcaran/upstream 1 month ago