Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Keith Carangelo 9d99925615 Updated to pass codesniffer 1 year ago
  Keith Carangelo 49da2ffbce Ignore plugins except for those installed by default 2 years ago
  ArthurHoaro a5a0c0399b WIP - Plugin to override default template colors 3 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 5321f704b5 Daily - display the current day instead of the previous one 4 years ago
  VirtualTam 9eb6055abb doc: remove Doxygen configuration 4 years ago
  VirtualTam 1c53591a43 doc: add phpDocumentor configuration 4 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 47978e8772 Webpack / Configure webpack, ESLint, Travis, Makefile, npm/yarn and git 5 years ago
  ArthurHoaro d637976329 Use makefile target to generate MO file and remove it from git 6 years ago
  VirtualTam 9ff77362fe documentation: remove generated HTML from SCM 5 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 1c070fa812 Include composer.lock in git files 6 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 009ce93581 Move default template to vintage folder 6 years ago
  ArthurHoaro a0df06517b Minor improvements regarding #705 (coding style, unit tests, etc.) 6 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 624f999fb7 Ignore compressed tar archive 6 years ago
  VirtualTam 559315ba0a Makefile: generate release archives including 3rd-party libraries 6 years ago
  VirtualTam 4bf35ba56b application: refactor version checks, move to ApplicationUtils 7 years ago
  VirtualTam 05af6f5325 Add a target to generate Doxygen documentation 8 years ago
  ArthurHoaro 6fc14d5303 Plugin system - CORE 8 years ago
  VirtualTam d9d776af19 Links: refactor & improve URL cleanup 7 years ago
  VirtualTam ca74886f30 LinkDB: move to a proper file, add test coverage 8 years ago
  VirtualTam 00f98bdaca Code quality: Makefile to run static code checkers 8 years ago
  nodiscc ea8f67eb49 gitignore: ignore raintpl generated php pages 8 years ago
  Mathieu Chabanon 6e330f2225 Ingore Eclipse project files 10 years ago
  Sébastien SAUVAGE 03a71dc6f5 Added .gitignore 10 years ago