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Save to Wallabag plugin for Shaarli

For each link in your Shaarli, adds a button to save the target page in your wallabag.


Clone this repository inside your tpl/plugins/ directory, or download the archive and unpack it there. The directory structure should look like:

└── tpl
    └── plugins
        └── wallabag
            ├── README.md
            ├── wallabag.html
            ├── wallabag.meta
            ├── wallabag.php
            ├── wallabag.php
            └── WallabagInstance.php

To enable the plugin, you can either:

  • enable it in the plugins administration page (/admin/plugins).
  • add wallabag to your list of enabled plugins in data/config.json.php (general.enabled_plugins section).


Go to the plugin administration page, and edit the following settings (with the plugin enabled).

WALLABAG_URL: Wallabag instance URL Example value: http://v2.wallabag.org

WALLABAG_VERSION: Wallabag version Value: either 1 (for 1.x) or 2 (for 2.x)

Note: these settings can also be set in data/config.json.php, in the plugins section.