Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Loïc Carr 7ad5c97936 Bump to 1.6.0 4 days ago
  Stanislas 97fb5a8ed4 Add support for shaarli2mastodon (#38) 1 week ago
  Loïc Carr 465d7bca8d Update description 2 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 6011910865 Bump to 1.5.0 2 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr f59ffcda77 Update send icon in sharing activity 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 74b75df0aa Bump version to 1.5.0a 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr f5e36cb58c Allow the application to fetch a link from Shaarli 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 8cf209db54 Refactor project structure 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr ad16f3f928 Bump dependencies version 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 706e89619c Improve Share layout 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 5f267fad6d Fix minor visual bugs 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Carr 3a3b615cdc Create ShareActivity to replace AddActivity 3 weeks ago
  Dimtion 15e0670b23 MainActivity: create dialog link to Shaali home page 1 year ago
  Loïc CARR 2e17209f6e Bump dependencies 1 year ago
  Loïc CARR 5959587df0 Strings: solve minor typo 1 year ago
  Dimtion 9307a500b1 Update build tools 1 year ago
  Dimtion b0072342e3 Bump to 1.4.0-alpha (22) 2 years ago
  Dimtion b1b3085c04 Update dependances 2 years ago
  Dimtion 193c5ae5e2 Solve #26 : Add shaarli2twitter integration 2 years ago
  Dimtion 971c3008bd Update dependencies 2 years ago
  Dmitriy Bogdanov 4b94048156 Add an option to handle HTTP scheme (#23) 2 years ago
  Dimtion afc4aed760 Bump to 1.3.0 3 years ago
  Dimtion e61e543f5b Solve bug with notifications 3 years ago
  Dimtion 3c3b9c156a Bump to Gradle 1.5.0 3 years ago
  Dimtion ce4770b684 Code cleanup 3 years ago
  Dimtion a4cd2b0ac0 Minor strings updates 3 years ago
  Dimtion 55870b0f8e Simplify MainActivity menu 3 years ago
  Dimtion d7a3184e90 Shaarlier-14 : support more description tags 3 years ago
  Dimtion 286d1e968f Bump to v1.3.0-alpha (19) 3 years ago
  Dimtion 54695ab9f0 Close some unclosed database accesses 3 years ago