Michael Kirk b300ce385d "Bump build to" 6 months ago
AudioFiles 3964b78ff7 Reduce usage of JSQ. 1 year ago
Fonts 442546fba8 Align the message state indicators with the behavior on Android and desktop. 2 years ago
Images 12aa76855d dark theme typing splash 1 year ago
Images.xcassets 1c5233aaa3 Use correct icon for "Add Caption" vs. "Has Caption" 6 months ago
src f2bf23e2a3 Fix deselect after switching albums back/forth 6 months ago
test 30266bf65e autoformatted 7 months ago
translations 42d30a6e6f sync translations 6 months ago
.swiftlint.yml 647b2b37e9 WIP: WebRTC calling 2 years ago
Signal-Info.plist b300ce385d "Bump build to" 6 months ago
Signal-Prefix.pch 0125535d4d Pull out SignalCoreKit. 1 year ago
Signal.entitlements dae80ad4c6 Reorganize util code. 11 months ago
SignalTSan.supp 1658812102 TSan config 1 year ago
SignalUBSan.supp 7e5d9480b1 Add missing header file 1 year ago
iTunesArtwork@3x.png 0e201939b7 Updated iTunes artwork 4 years ago
main.m f6c0625c2c Removing unused imported classes. 4 years ago