Michael Kirk ca6c22493e "Bump build to" 3 days ago
Base.lproj e7b32899cb Sketch out SAE load screen; make a number of infrastructure changes. 1 year ago
utils 3ff3f9bb0d Fix tests. 4 weeks ago
Info.plist ca6c22493e "Bump build to" 3 days ago
SAEFailedViewController.swift 5b50e81b4f Rename fail macros in Swift. 1 year ago
SAELoadViewController.swift 30266bf65e autoformatted 6 months ago
SAEScreenLockViewController.h 08d36aa862 Add screen lock UI to SAE. 1 year ago
SAEScreenLockViewController.m cc5a480baa Apply OWS log functions in Objective-C. 1 year ago
ShareViewController.swift e343a7da6d Add LaunchJobs. 2 weeks ago
SignalShareExtension-Bridging-Header.h 9149282e94 Resize link preview images if necessary. 8 months ago
SignalShareExtension-Prefix.pch 5ca2991f0c Sketch out the SDS code generation. 6 months ago
SignalShareExtension.entitlements 8706d8f599 Update share extension capabilities. 1 year ago