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+# Contributing to Bleve
+We look forward to your contributions, but ask that you first review these guidelines.
+### Sign the CLA
+As Bleve is a Couchbase project we require contributors accept the [Couchbase Contributor License Agreement]( To sign this agreement log into the Couchbase [code review tool]( The Bleve project does not use this code review tool but it is still used to track acceptance of the contributor license agreements.
+### Submitting a Pull Request
+All types of contributions are welcome, but please keep the following in mind:
+- If you're planning a large change, you should really discuss it in a github issue or on the google group first. This helps avoid duplicate effort and spending time on something that may not be merged.
+- Existing tests should continue to pass, new tests for the contribution are nice to have.
+- All code should have gone through `go fmt`
+- All code should pass `go vet`