Commit History

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  Marty Schoch 05d86ea8f6 add support for configuring the boltdb initialMmapSize option (#1135) 3 days ago
  Marty Schoch 326f90d860 switch to bbolt (#1134) 3 days ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 11e55f6f5f Merge pull request #1133 from abhinavdangeti/revert-conj-1-clause-opt 4 days ago
  abhinavdangeti da6534acf8 MB-32855: Revert conjunction-single clause optimization 4 days ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 3d5e9e9305 Merge pull request #1130 from sreekanth-cb/cleanup 5 days ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 8474056080 Merge pull request #1131 from abhinavdangeti/propagate-score-setting 6 days ago
  abhinavdangeti 16c228ad9b Propagate Score setting to child search request during MultiSearch(..) 6 days ago
  Steve Yen a53bb89f3d Merge pull request #1110 from steveyen/optimize-scorch-nonscoring-noTermVector-disjunctions 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 098b7f138b cleaning up DocumentMatch 1 week ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 15a9e8ac95 Merge pull request #1128 from abhinavdangeti/disj-1-clause 1 week ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 647bc7fdb0 Merge pull request #1127 from abhinavdangeti/formatting 1 week ago
  abhinavdangeti 1415017996 Fix formatting: go fmt ./... 1 week ago
  abhinavdangeti 46f577ca22 MB-32855: Applying the disjunction 1-clause optimization 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran ecfda85226 Merge pull request #1124 from sreekanth-cb/concurrentmap_fix 1 week ago
  Steve Yen 391d0115eb Merge pull request #1125 from steveyen/walkContext 1 week ago
  Steve Yen c73ceb8bd4 allocate walkContext only when docMapping is enabled 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 8e1c5b2bf4 Unit tests for 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 28031d75c5 Merge pull request #1123 from mschoch/test-with-race 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch d59ba7f567 enable race detector on travis 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch db4e30bdf0 Merge pull request #1122 from mschoch/fix-build 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch 84070ba7a3 fix build 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 13a4e56123 Merge pull request #1116 from abhinavdangeti/single-disjunction-min 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch d3c9a28acb Merge pull request #1121 from mschoch/fix-bug-1092 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch 91c83886ad Merge pull request #1120 from mschoch/fix-race-in-scorch-callback-test 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch 102bd339f7 Merge pull request #1119 from sreekanth-cb/concurrentmap_fix 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 2aa43c5988 Un-export MinApplicableSearcher --> minApplicableSearcher 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch 3c0b0ae477 fix data race when indexing empty batches and using reset 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch be1fb367f2 fix race in test for scorch batch callbacks 2 weeks ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 20e27ce55e 1118 - Fix for cachedFieldDocs concurrent access 2 weeks ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran e6f9eb9e91 Merge pull request #1103 from sreekanth-cb/streamCollector 2 weeks ago