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  Sreekanth Sivasankaran a7b50b3b0d Merge pull request #1198 from sreekanth-cb/reuseDicts 1 week ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 2f6fcef673 Merge pull request #1195 from abhinavdangeti/term-search-freq-norm 1 week ago
  abhinavdangeti 409d4e4fc3 Include freq/norm if location information is asked for 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 86614196cb moving to unsafe.Sizeof() api to fix the vet 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran eaa53f3be3 This change aims to cache the vellum fst instances 1 week ago
  abhinavdangeti 45782f2952 New flag within TermQueryScorer on whether to add score 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 9dcbc5c71a Include freq/norm information when IncludeTermVectors:true 2 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 7f5d67a851 Merge pull request #1192 from steveyen/MB-33614 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 04d4a73d5e Merge pull request #1189 from abhinavdangeti/validate-date-range 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 73e96b4967 MB-33600: Checking if datetimes are RFC3339 compatible 2 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 85d7cd0ba3 remove maxTerms optimization for ComputeGeoRange() 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 96b0280a5c MB-33600: Further validation for start/end date ranges 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 3bd9e536b6 MB-33600: Allow date ranges before epoch time 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti d8a53a56c0 Merge pull request #1187 from abhinavdangeti/boolean1185 2 weeks ago
  Marty Schoch 70e74bf466 fix incorrect BooleanSearcher Advance behavior 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 0dc98d8d76 Adding a boolean search testcase 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti eabfa117c3 Merge pull request #1184 from abhinavdangeti/revert-disj-1-clause-opt 2 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti 60b3810c76 MB-32855: Revert disjunction-single clause optimization 2 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 5d6f2f1851 Merge pull request #1178 from abhinavdangeti/travis-update 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 2e1dfe7a93 Merge pull request #1172 from steveyen/MB-33455 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen e123de45bc Merge pull request #1179 from steveyen/issue-1166 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 4a220e62ff simplify for true loop 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen fb220ce32c fixes #1166 - MemUvarintReader avoids extra int64 casting 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 79c5a68409 fixes #1166 - perf optimizations for ReadUvarint() 3 weeks ago
  abhinavdangeti dd2708b664 Deploy errcheck only for go1.11 3 weeks ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 0bc073e13c Merge pull request #1174 from blevesearch/persister_fix 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 3d774b9eb3 MB-33455 - ComputeGeoRange() checks DisjunctionMaxClauseCount 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen 7740f389de MB-33455: improve ComputeGeoRange() performance 3 weeks ago
  Steve Yen c2679969b9 Merge pull request #1170 from steveyen/test-apples-MB-33486 3 weeks ago
  Abhinav Dangeti eb5b704dea Merge pull request #1171 from abhinavdangeti/validate-date-range 3 weeks ago