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  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 65146f5743 Merge pull request #1288 from sreekanth-cb/score_none 3 days ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran f84273e7fe compute any score only when its really needed 4 days ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran bd14714b5b Merge pull request #1286 from sreekanth-cb/bounded_polygon 4 days ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 39c1fb6b4b updating integration tests for geo polygon queries 6 days ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran ad3191238a Support for bounded polygon query… 1 week ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 1626176d55 Merge pull request #1283 from blevesearch/new_lev 4 weeks ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran f1c9cb5659 bumping the vellum SHA 1 month ago
  Marty Schoch c997533a77 add method to access analyzer of a text field (#1276) 1 month ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 25d45a14eb Merge pull request #1270 from sreekanth-cb/removeOldData 1 month ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran f32211128d Merge pull request #1271 from sreekanth-cb/removal_ineligibility 1 month ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran ee6b126383 MB-35333 - Potential removeOldData call starve issue 1 month ago
  Abhinav Dangeti edb9ecef58 Merge pull request #1273 from alldroll/peekable_iterator 1 month ago
  Alexander Petrov 7965de170e Replace brute force for-loop that calls HasNext/Next() with roaring.IntPeekable 1 month ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran e5efb60815 Tightening the scorch stale file clean ups 1 month ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 0bb7fb280a Merge pull request #1268 from darren/fix-scorch-on-rpi 1 month ago
  Darren Hoo d9fc1b76a0 Merge branch 'master' of into fix-scorch-on-rpi 2 months ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 4a7e6fb754 Merge pull request #1255 from abhinavdangeti/scorch-persister-cb 2 months ago
  Abhinav Dangeti f9e4034227 Merge pull request #1256 from abhinavdangeti/missing-tokenfilters 2 months ago
  abhinavdangeti 41fd936002 Include missing token filters 2 months ago
  abhinavdangeti 732150df0a Prepend earlier segment's persisted callbacks to latest 2 months ago
  abhinavdangeti a74500143a Preserve persistedCallbacks of an unpersisted snapshot until needed 2 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 0a3c1766fe Merge pull request #1253 from blevesearch/vellum_sha 2 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 0f78b62e33 bump to latest vellum SHA 2 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 0e6f2cf3d2 Merge pull request #1252 from sreekanth-cb/contains 3 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 152c60bf03 Adding Contains method to TermDictionary 3 months ago
  Abhinav Dangeti 26d2099fa9 Merge pull request #1246 from abhinavdangeti/errcheck 3 months ago
  abhinavdangeti 0fc6e671a5 Disable errcheck on only go1.10 3 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran f2e9abf97e Merge pull request #1241 from sreekanth-cb/numeric_exists 3 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 3038e74d6f Merge pull request #1236 from sreekanth-cb/dict_new 3 months ago
  Abhinav Dangeti d753d7acc8 Merge pull request #1244 from mschoch/vellum-bump-case-insensitive 3 months ago