Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marty Schoch 9ec2ddd757 initial refactor of query into separate package 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 3cf7e00b50 remove binary accidentally committed to repo 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 67755618e9 Merge branch 'sedtweak' of into bcampbell-sedtweak 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 617fcf693e add initial manifest 3 years ago
  Mark Mindenhall bae3db1c55 Fix masking of error when creating index 3 years ago
  slavikm 680be52f87 Implemented boolean field support 3 years ago
  Sergey Avseyev 8609e7af08 Simplify JSON API for phrase query 4 years ago
  Ben Campbell 0e9230178f tweak queryparser 'go generate' lines (portablity) 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch 24729541b5 fix issues identified by errcheck 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch 3bc165d77b renamed/moved examples/bleve_index_json to utils/bleve_index 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 7c0ea53ea2 added utility bleve_create 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 5d435bd022 moved bleve_query from examples to utils 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch ac6176f14c removed old example from gitignore 5 years ago
  deoxxa 22b7b3bc24 compile libcld2 statically 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 27f001bc14 overhauled top-level New/Open API 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 082a5b0b03 major change to fields 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch c8918fe41a adding beer-sample to examples 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 2968d3538a major refactor, apologies for the large commit 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch b629636424 new tokenizer which uses cld2 to guess the field's language 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 9bebbec267 added support for stored fields and highlighting results 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 3d842dfaf2 initial commit 5 years ago