Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marty Schoch 2332455bd2 nicer formatting of license header 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 9ec2ddd757 initial refactor of query into separate package 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch f38e3e1b24 remove temporary error and replace with permanent check 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch da40935e22 Merge branch 'codesimplification' of into Shugyousha-codesimplification 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch cddf90c0ee don't allow operations on empty doc id 4 years ago
  Silvan Jegen f95a4662b1 Use Error type correctly 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch dbb93b75a4 refactoring to allow pluggable index encodings 4 years ago
  Nimish Gupta 77779b70f4 Allow query string handling which contains only not must 4 years ago
  Steve Yen d442713de6 typo in storage type error message 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch 51a59cb05c initial impl of Index Aliases 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 28980c4da1 fix issues identified by go lint 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch bbc6fadf69 changed error constants to camel case 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 37d3f0205d cleanup spacing between license and package 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 34afb0929e made it safe to use bleve.Index object from multiple threads 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 27f001bc14 overhauled top-level New/Open API 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch b0153cecb4 added tests to top level 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch c526a38369 major refactor of analysis files, now wired up to registry 5 years ago
  Marty Schoch 2968d3538a major refactor, apologies for the large commit 5 years ago