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  abhinavdangeti dca226594c Reset stats: lastDocSize, totalSize in batch's Reset() 4 months ago
  Marty Schoch 3120a9e67c renamed Callbacks to PersistedCallback 9 months ago
  Aviad Lichtenstadt a7e3fd0f45 CR fixes 10 months ago
  Aviad Lichtenstadt ff5953ff61 Add callbacks 10 months ago
  Sreekanth Sivasankaran 816b0c6aae adding new batch merge api 1 year ago
  abhinavdangeti bdd917bb12 MB-28847: Account for total documents' size within a batch 1 year ago
  Marty Schoch c74e08f039 BREAKING API CHANGE - use stdlib context pkg 1 year ago
  Andrey Khomenko dc9f994d95 Update index.go 2 years ago
  Marty Schoch 0cbe211120 add support for BleveType() alternative for type detection 2 years ago
  Seif Lotfy 06b4daed87 Add new IndexAdvanced function 2 years ago
  Rob McColl 414d21a541 Add comment about JSON serialization of kvconfig 2 years ago
  Marty Schoch 2332455bd2 nicer formatting of license header 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 79cc39a67e refactor mapping to inteface and move into separate package 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch fb0f4bbecd BREAKING CHANGE - new method to create memory only index 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 3fd2a64872 BREAKING CHANGE - removed DumpXXX() methods from bleve.Index 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch d7292ed891 add support for gathering stats via map for easier consumption 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch 0b2380d9bf introduce ability for searches to timeout or be cancelled 3 years ago
  opennota 8517feb1c6 Fix some typos 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch ab67b2f642 Merge pull request #267 from pmezard/doc-dump-methods 3 years ago
  Marty Schoch aa7658bbb0 give indexes names, make stats available via expvar by default 3 years ago
  Patrick Mezard 03b78deb5c index: do not mention locking in DumpAll documentation 3 years ago
  Patrick Mezard 97529b1925 index: document DumpAll, DumpDoc and DumpFields methods 3 years ago
  Patrick Mezard 2fa334fc27 doc: talk about "documents" not "indexed or stored documents" 3 years ago
  Patrick Mezard b174c137fd doc: document DocIDReader, and some Index bits 3 years ago
  Patrick Mezard ed1bdbf599 doc: document field analyzer resolution 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch 09bde6ca87 Merge pull request #237 from pmezard/document-mapping-rules 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch cddf90c0ee don't allow operations on empty doc id 4 years ago
  Patrick Mezard f72172a902 doc: document indexed value/mappings interactions 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch dbb93b75a4 refactoring to allow pluggable index encodings 4 years ago
  Marty Schoch 328bc73ed0 clarify Batch is not threadsafe in docs 4 years ago