A modern text indexing library for go

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bleve bleve

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modern text indexing in go - blevesearch.com

Try out bleve live by searching the bleve website.


  • Index any go data structure (including JSON)
  • Intelligent defaults backed up by powerful configuration
  • Supported field types:
    • Text, Numeric, Date
  • Supported query types:
    • Term, Phrase, Match, Match Phrase, Prefix
    • Conjunction, Disjunction, Boolean
    • Numeric Range, Date Range
    • Simple query syntax for human entry
  • tf-idf Scoring
  • Search result match highlighting
  • Supports Aggregating Facets:
    • Terms Facet
    • Numeric Range Facet
    • Date Range Facet


Discuss usage and development of bleve in the google group.


message := struct{
	Id   string
	From string
	Body string
	Id:   "example",
	From: "marty.schoch@gmail.com",
	Body: "bleve indexing is easy",

mapping := bleve.NewIndexMapping()
index, err := bleve.New("example.bleve", mapping)
if err != nil {
index.Index(message.Id, message)


index, _ := bleve.Open("example.bleve")
query := bleve.NewQueryStringQuery("bleve")
searchRequest := bleve.NewSearchRequest(query)
searchResult, _ := index.Search(searchRequest)


Apache License Version 2.0