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  Kjetil Kjernsmo becdb1659d Merge pull request #56 from BigBlueHat/patch-1 6 months ago
  Edd Wilder-James 3b84f585ca Create AUTHORS 11 months ago
  Edd Wilder-James 14df31809a Update doap-doap.turtle 11 months ago
  Edd Wilder-James 8ebe00a17c Indicate Apache 2 license 11 months ago
  Edd Wilder-James 50d8c6cc34 Add in Apache license 11 months ago
  Edd Wilder-James 1fa7150506 Create LICENSE 11 months ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 04e58d8f77 Merge pull request #63 from kjetilk/feature-basic-security 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo e771aaa44b Add security contact property proposal. See Issue #60 for discussion 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 84a599dd11 Add security-policy property 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 13cf16be10 Merge pull request #62 from kjetilk/master 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 71f65954bf fix copyright year 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 74a276d101 Merge pull request #58 from bergus/patch-1 1 year ago
  Bergi 413a2ce227 fix xml:lang of programming-language label 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo b5fcc4653a Merge pull request #57 from kjetilk/master 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 1fe5846e0a Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo b445eb0d38 Fix typo in my name 1 year ago
  BigBlueHat b48458be80 Add first attempt at JSON-LD example 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo ee26b0e062 Merge pull request #55 from kjetilk/master 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 7f160fa5d7 Add some SIOC types 1 year ago
  Kjetil Kjernsmo 870a4f9454 Add a GitRepository class 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 95b0eb9985 Note when schema is published. 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James e652520791 Use Makefile dir, not cwd 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 171c03b685 Made schema publishing work regardless of working directory 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 377df50009 Trivial change 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 968b430750 Trivial commit to trigger push 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James d23cf5c486 Put post-receive hook under management 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 70292bd8f3 Trivial change to test deploy 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 2973d2a06a Makefile for deployment 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James 83b6b15945 Add note about live schema to README 1 year ago
  Edd Wilder-James dd2584dea7 Merge pull request #36 from ewilderj/ewj 1 year ago