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  stepan-mitkin f52e727640 DrakonLua and DrakonJS: improved variable detection 11 months ago
  stepan-mitkin f09c53e2af added a simplified modify expression 11 months ago
  stepan-mitkin f4b9f9360e Manually merged the changes C2 generators from @alexey-gavrilov 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 0e7f84219b A simpler foreach in Lua: no redundat pairs, ipairs 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 2a7d985e28 DrakonLua and DrakonJs: vars are inferred in state machines, too 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 81bf82cd91 Fixed bug - not clearing loop state in batch mode 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 9cb7c80b62 removed a stray file 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 5a1b2043ee updated readme and release script 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 3ae35b54e2 Added an example with Python automata 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 88eb108658 python automata 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin eb63fa60bc === body === section added to C# automata 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 036eef9246 Cleaned up generator code: removed shutdown except C# 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 6a15615913 C# drn file can be without a class 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 182793904c Added support for external constants for messages in C# automata 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 3436877c51 Proper calling of Shutdown 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 2424045ad2 method automata for JavaScript, Lua and C# now return values 1 year ago
  Stepan Mitkin 9dc99148aa Merge pull request #28 from ylluminarious/patch-1 1 year ago
  George Plymale II 26d9bbf176 A few more improvements to the README 1 year ago
  George Plymale II 0708a0a1b8 Formatting and grammar improvements to 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 92b0b91b03 updated build script and readme 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin a17249dd6d state machine diagram type 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin f1d8b59793 JavaScript state machine generator does not use this 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin a72279cb6d fixed bug: go to definition did not work for non-utopist 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin f90f6e0117 UTOPIST-friendly go-to-definition and find-references 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin e06818ab2c added an empty line between state machine constructors 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 38a8af6ba6 updated readme.html 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin e67d4b4a14 Cleaner state machine for Lua 1 year ago
  Stepan Mitkin f8f13bb36c Quicksort with a machine 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin ebd5da02d6 simplified JavaScript statemachines 1 year ago
  stepan-mitkin 49acb23f0a loop made wider 1 year ago