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  Spiros Eliopoulos 3ea082b23b Merge pull request #74 from inhabitedtype/fix-badge-markup 10 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos b26bad7577 Merge pull request #73 from inhabitedtype/fix-markup 10 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 20829ef0a4 fix-badge-markup: remove trailing ] in badge markup 10 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos d8e8d80f8c fix-markup: use source code style for write_* 10 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos ade7f1a820 Merge pull request #72 from inhabitedtype/remove-check-prime 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 878eaaa410 remove-check-prime: use check with unlabeled arguments. 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos cbce71bf0f Merge pull request #71 from inhabitedtype/update-subst-runtest 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos e18f22d52c Merge pull request #70 from inhabitedtype/update-synopsis 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos b5fc9750be update-subst-runtest: subst in dev, runtest with -j jobs 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 85cbaf195f update-synopsis: remove period 11 months ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 23bdd62e76 Merge pull request #68 from dhouse-js/flush_with_reason 11 months ago
  David House ae94cd1bf4 update to use regular variant 11 months ago
  David House a0a83ebdb8 Use a separate variant for the case where flush is called with nothing pending 1 year ago
  David House b48b05b8c0 work 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 588da976da Merge pull request #67 from roburio/epipe 1 year ago
  Robur 182dd1a9aa faraday-lwt-unix: handle EPIPE the same way as BADFD is handled 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos ba9a2dc1ba Merge pull request #66 from inhabitedtype/github-actions 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos c8a29b7d09 github-actions: udpate min ocaml version to 4.03.0 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 30c730d882 github-actions: update badge 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos f2eb6db4d9 github-actions: add build/test tasks 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos eb46e0b3f6 github-actions: delete .travis.yml 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 6c69bc6a88 Merge pull request #64 from vbmithr/tail-recursivity 1 year ago
  Vincent Bernardoff 20bf7bf231 shift_{buffers,flushes}: tail-recursivity 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 5dbbe397d8 Merge pull request #62 from aalekseyev/explicit-monitor-rest-and-run-args 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 864f974ce8 Merge pull request #65 from inhabitedtype/fix-travis 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 5d2bb5b1f8 fix-travis: update badge 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos 7c02f22981 fix-travis: fix the travis build 1 year ago
  Arseniy Alekseyev 50643d4210 Give explicit arguments to Monitor.try_with. 1 year ago
  Spiros Eliopoulos cc3e631685 Merge pull request #61 from dpatti/fix-dune-constraints 1 year ago
  Doug Patti 0ebf61bf55 adjust dune constraints to >=1.11 1 year ago