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  Kirollos Risk fb062da4c3 Stylistic change + travis fix 7 months ago
  Daniel Ruf f20c1f519f ci: test Node.js 6, 8, 10 and latest (11) (#277) 8 months ago
  Kirollos Risk 42b082fb16 Rearchitecture (#151) 2 years ago
  Kirollos Risk fafae48ce3 Update .travis.yml 4 years ago
  Peter Dave Hello b424621d4f make CI build faster 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk c048c5f5ae spacing issue fix in travis.yml 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk 73c6fd7db8 Better tests 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk ed54539758 Fixed build 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk 0f005aab20 Re-added travis file 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk 6adfda0d3a Removed for fix 5 years ago
  Kirollos Risk 49855e2fc6 Travis goodness 5 years ago
  krisk 7d39177ad1 pointed to site 6 years ago
  krisk 1a67b2a1d5 added travis 7 years ago