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Gallerist is a web application to browse libraries of Apple Photos and iPhoto. It is built on top of Sinatra.


  • One or more Photos or iPhoto libraries (.photoslibrary or .photolibrary directories)
  • Ruby 2.2+

OS X 10.9 and above ship with Ruby 2.0. You can use Homebrew to install a current Ruby version on older versions of OS X.


Gallerist can be simply installed as a Ruby gem.

$ gem install gallerist

Note: You might need to use sudo if you’re installing into your system Ruby, e.g. when not using rbenv or RVM.

If you want to run the current development code please use Git to clone the repository.


$ bin/gallerist ~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary

After that the application is served on port 9292 by default. You can open it by simply browsing to http://localhost:9292.

Further command-line arguments are available, see gallerist --help for more information.


  • iPhoto libraries work to a certain degree as iPhoto’s events are not listed, only albums.
  • Gallerist works on a copy of the library databases, i.e. changes to the original library will not be reflected instantly. You will have to restart the web app first.

Future plans

  • Support for internal categories like photo stream and videos
  • Support for moments and places
  • Performance improvements