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  Lunny Xiao 270fa6d63b Support CORS headers to git smart http protocol (#5719) 1 day ago
  GiteaBot 5a081c7a80 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 day ago
  Khaled Hamed bd75965296 Prioritize "" (#5691) 1 day ago
  zeripath 6868378673 Ensure that sessions are passed into queries that could use the database to prevent deadlocks (#5718) 2 days ago
  Zsombor 656456441c Add flag to skip repository dumping (#5695) 2 days ago
  techknowlogick 5c44f751a3 Discord Oauth2 support (#4476) 2 days ago
  Lunny Xiao beab2df122 Refactor mail notification (#5110) 2 days ago
  Julian e5228b8369 fix: use correct value for "MSpan Structures Obtained" #4742 (#5706) 3 days ago
  Lanre Adelowo 9e9d1b8f95 Fix migration for user defined themes (#5682) 3 days ago
  zeripath 2b36bdd490 Do not display the raw OpenID error in the UI (#5705) 3 days ago
  GiteaBot bf7a11254d [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 3 days ago
  Julian f59bfe893a docker: stop modifying file permission before migrating database (#5707) 3 days ago
  Lanre Adelowo abb364f442 allow user fork repo even when as a guest.. This will prompt the user to login and if authentication was successful, the user will be redirected to fork the repo (#5690) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot 6630a33ec1 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 5 days ago
  Shikiryu 915278f237 Add docs about database migration (#5661) 5 days ago
  Zsombor 31aa00fa4b Update xorm to fix issue #5659 and #5651 (#5680) 6 days ago
  zeripath dd13327382 When redirecting clean the path to avoid redirecting to // (#5669) 6 days ago
  Lunny Xiao 0b84b5ee49 fix public will not be reused as public key after deleting as deploy key (#5671) 6 days ago
  Lanre Adelowo 530c2b8ad8 document command line flags (#5675) 6 days ago
  GiteaBot c04fc677b5 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 6 days ago
  Lanre Adelowo 8d2c24f7f9 Allow for user specific themes (#5668) 6 days ago
  Jan Breuer ea518681d9 Translate home template to Czech (#5665) 1 week ago
  gdeverlant d3dc07f282 Added URL mapping for Release attachments like on (#1707) 1 week ago
  Harshit Bansal dd006db5a7 Display branch name in delete branch confirmation modal. (#5654) 1 week ago
  Julian c42bde719e Only count users own actions for heatmap contributions (#5647) 1 week ago
  Julian 97dafdc057 fix commit page showing status for current default branch (#5650) 1 week ago
  Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini 0236856924 migrate database if app.ini found (#5290) 1 week ago
  Dane cbc14df16a Add docs on passing SSH through to container (#5019) 1 week ago
  zeripath 6311e4ce6a Fix sqlite deadlock when assigning to a PR (#5640) 1 week ago
  Jonas Franz 9e901039e7 Add changelog for 1.6.3 and 1.7.0-rc2 (#5636) 1 week ago