Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Anderson 122ddb16de Move argument converters to callback.go, and optimize return value handling. 4 years ago
  David Anderson cf8fa0af80 Implement support for passing Go functions as custom functions to SQLite. 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto f136f0c8dc Remove debug code 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto dee1a37fe1 Z suffix should be no-op 4 years ago
  mattn 5f64400729 Merge pull request #194 from hallyn/tximm.2 4 years ago
  Serge Hallyn f91a09fb50 Add a txlock option when opening databases (v2) 4 years ago
  Egon Elbre ac0129617f Fix NULs in text. 4 years ago
  mattn 07f9c9c30f Implement number-named parameters. Close #187 4 years ago
  mattn ff38c8ec02 Revert a6c208564eccf3c6743f608ef88398a4ca84c5eb 4 years ago
  mattn c1abf95b38 Fix build 4 years ago
  mattn d7dbb909ec Fix test 4 years ago
  mattn a6c208564e Support $NNN-style named parameter. Close #187 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto f40baee643 Fix test 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto d463e8f1f9 Remove test dup 4 years ago
  mix3 e48e0597ab Fix loc parsing 4 years ago
  mix3 71712f0ba9 Add test 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 02f54e0263 Add test 4 years ago
  mattn e273a1552e Fixed bug for loc parameter 4 years ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 4c5c4e5261 Add loc=XXX parameters to handle timezone 4 years ago
  mattn a141177ca6 Fix test 4 years ago
  mattn 6717138923 Fix test 4 years ago
  mattn 5e6658a5c8 Add test for Version 4 years ago
  Ian Bishop 0b05acc293 Handle 13 digit datetime values 4 years ago
  Paweł Błaszczyk abf79dbdd5 Fix for sqlite3_test import. 5 years ago
  mattn 6535341da9 Add one blank line for godoc 5 years ago
  mattn 5e5d088a36 Add license header 5 years ago
  mattn 07b39a049e Add TestStress 5 years ago
  mattn 191ca24657 Rename 5 years ago
  mattn ff8505c4ac Rename 5 years ago
  mattn 5fb02bd99d Enable test for Queryer 5 years ago