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  mattn e24345b069 Merge pull request #734 from gwd/out/fix-libsqlite3-darwin-build 1 day ago
  mattn f4ce3be229 Merge pull request #735 from mahler/master 1 day ago
  = 85bf186e05 Issue #651: Fix of typo 1 day ago
  George Dunlap f9aab7dda8 darwin/libsqlite3: Also use the homebrew include path 1 day ago
  mattn d6f416f91c Merge pull request #732 from mattn/sqlite-amalgamation-3290000 1 month ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto b612a2feea upgrade amalgamation code 1 month ago
  mattn fba062bdb6 Merge pull request #731 from Jason-Cooke/patch-1 1 month ago
  Jason Cooke 9889b11544 docs: fix typo 1 month ago
  mattn 5dd71670cc Merge pull request #727 from MichaelS11/master 2 months ago
  MichaelS11 57484d0899 Updated Ping to return ErrBadConn 2 months ago
  mattn c25061c4b7 Merge pull request #725 from auxten/patch-1 2 months ago
  auxten 2e7be7d089 Fix typo in readme 2 months ago
  mattn 070b17a2fd Merge pull request #680 from rittneje/improve-faq-in-memory-shared-cache 2 months ago
  mattn afa0250ddf Create FUNDING.yml 2 months ago
  mattn 2a192bf782 Merge pull request #716 from mattn/fix-variadic 3 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 81b9db8126 Fix type of variadic 3 months ago
  mattn 5994cc52df Merge pull request #712 from mattn/sqlite-amalgamation-3280000 3 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 4bbd87b29d upgrade amalgamation code 3 months ago
  mattn 31f5bb843b Merge pull request #702 from mattn/sqlite-amalgamation-3270200 5 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 93716266ad upgrade amalgamation code 5 months ago
  mattn ad30583d83 Merge pull request #695 from mattn/fix-typo 6 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto eac3a7fd21 Fix typo 6 months ago
  mattn 4cb37250b6 Merge pull request #693 from egonelbre/unify-travis-runs 6 months ago
  mattn 58039ab376 Merge pull request #692 from mattn/fix-688 6 months ago
  Egon Elbre 54fcf30aef Remove separate go build 6 months ago
  Egon Elbre 01e5d0e24c Faster travis running 6 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 4731d0e6ab Print type of result 6 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 5e7aedf685 Add test 6 months ago
  Dimitri Roche ae5cbb218c column_type SQLITE_TEXT returned as string by default 6 months ago
  Dimitri Roche abc8991d4d column types text, varchar, *char return as strings: 6 months ago