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  mattn ad30583d83 Merge pull request #695 from mattn/fix-typo 5 days ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto eac3a7fd21 Fix typo 5 days ago
  mattn 4cb37250b6 Merge pull request #693 from egonelbre/unify-travis-runs 1 week ago
  mattn 58039ab376 Merge pull request #692 from mattn/fix-688 1 week ago
  Egon Elbre 54fcf30aef Remove separate go build 1 week ago
  Egon Elbre 01e5d0e24c Faster travis running 1 week ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 4731d0e6ab Print type of result 1 week ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 5e7aedf685 Add test 1 week ago
  Dimitri Roche ae5cbb218c column_type SQLITE_TEXT returned as string by default 3 weeks ago
  Dimitri Roche abc8991d4d column types text, varchar, *char return as strings: 3 weeks ago
  mattn 3fa1c550ff Merge pull request #679 from pocke/an-a 1 month ago
  Masataka Pocke Kuwabara 1688b64fb7 Fix typo in README 1 month ago
  mattn 87ac1cb497 Merge pull request #675 from mattn/sqlite-amalgamation-3260000 2 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto aa13f26d02 upgrade amalgamation code 2 months ago
  mattn 03cb0c0623 Merge pull request #673 from rittneje/revert-671 2 months ago
  Jesse Rittner 2fe51daa56 fixed typo 2 months ago
  Jesse Rittner 5846e1aa22 adding unit test 2 months ago
  Jesse Rittner 291594080b Revert "SQLITE_OPEN_CREATE should be specified for sqlite3_open_v2 if mode is not rw" 2 months ago
  mattn 248a1e667c Merge pull request #671 from mattn/fix667 2 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 03b96a53ba SQLITE_OPEN_CREATE should be specified for sqlite3_open_v2 if mode is not rw 2 months ago
  mattn e924752105 Merge pull request #670 from mattn/close-db 2 months ago
  Yasuhiro Matsumoto 8f4ea282cf Close db even if sqlite3_open_v2 return non-zero. 2 months ago
  mattn 6a9185d7b1 Merge pull request #626 from otoolep/fix_data_race 3 months ago
  mattn 873ec57005 Merge pull request #643 from akalin/zero-length-blob 3 months ago
  mattn c880439687 Merge pull request #644 from akalin/fix-pointer-conversion 3 months ago
  mattn 0a64ab220b Merge pull request #665 from mjtrangoni/fix-gometalinter-issues 3 months ago
  Mario Trangoni d2d0bf1bf1 upgrade/package.go: Fix golint issue 3 months ago
  Mario Trangoni c46327f585 sqlite3_test.go: Simplify return err 3 months ago
  Mario Trangoni b76b90f754 Fix misspell issues. 3 months ago
  mattn 1ef6010539 Merge pull request #664 from bk521234/patch-1 3 months ago