Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guy Smoilov 5702e4bc24 pkg/mailer: support plaintext alt for HTML emails (#5568) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 9b37b1569c models/repo_editor: add isRepositoryGitPath to detect invalid file path (#5558) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 5f1f1bb5ed pkg/tool/path: use IsMaliciousPath to replace SanitizePath (#5558) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 9ff2df78f0 public/css: make less (#5317) 3 weeks ago
  Kyumyeong Han 74f26bb667 public/less: fix layout misalignment in Firefox for Linux (#5317) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 1f11c1f71a models/repo_editor: ignore copying files with '.git/' path prefix (#5558) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 8c8c37a66b pkg/tool/path: handle Windows path separators (#5558) 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon d4f9fd7204 *: remove Go 1.7 support 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon e70e72e025 pkg/ssh: specify ssh-keygen to always generate PEM format 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon e2ce6a0dab vendor: update 3 weeks ago
  Unknwon 657ea2686f auth: coding style and glitches fixes for GitHub login source (#5340) 4 weeks ago
  haixunlu 311df9c521 auth: add new authentication source: GitHub, including GitHub Enterprise (#5340) 4 weeks ago
  Unknwon ff93d9dbda pkg/tool: improve SanitizePath (#5558) 4 weeks ago
  Unknwon 86ada87529 models/repo_editor: sanitize user-defined file name to prevent RCE (#5558) 4 weeks ago
  Unknwon d74437af57 models/action: skip issue index parsing while using external issue tracker (#5551) 4 weeks ago
  Unknwon c82ac420fc vendor: update 1 month ago
  Unknwon f91cb9321e api: add GetReferenceSHA (#5546) 1 month ago
  Unknwon cc1a168aa0 vendor: update 1 month ago
  Unknwon ee82d35ed8 api: add GetSingleCommit (#5546) 1 month ago
  Unknwon 8bca30cfe4 vendor: update 1 month ago
  Unknwon fe9a5d3159 .github: adjust issue templates 1 month ago
  Unknwon f43d21d0af locale: sync from Crowdin 1 month ago
  Unknwon 8e2c3b315b models: remove legacy support 1 month ago
  Nikita 9079fb6a0d pkg/markup: support data URL of base64 encoded images (#5391) 1 month ago
  Unknwon db3f0048d8 templates: rename template function Str2html -> Str2HTML 1 month ago
  Unknwon d3d8284985 templates: sanitize special links in commit message (#5545) 1 month ago
  Unknwon f545faa06d templates: make state changing routes to POST method (#5541) 1 month ago
  Unknwon 458aadbb10 vendor: update 1 month ago
  Unknwon f2ec0d80a8 user/auth: flush and destroy session at logout (#5540) 1 month ago
  Unknwon be6bb5314e ci: update appveyor.yml 1 month ago