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  Andrei 8723e97756 Merge pull request #97 from MutinyChat/94-fix-popup 2 years ago
  Andrei 86ef104115 Merge pull request #99 from err0r500/fix/issue92 4 years ago
  Andrei 83c79138d2 Merge branch 'master' into fix/issue92 4 years ago
  Andrei 0d734b50a6 Merge pull request #98 from err0r500/master 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 7503137754 commenting out TestFakeSMTPSecureDial 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 09af8e154e new travis config 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 2cd5ea6285 update travis 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 9d75a10ac1 bump 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 49fca2dcb7 rename bold.db -> bolt.db 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 5f384be6e4 remove magicmime dependency 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot 39da729b97 quick save 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot fbc6d1b27b clean the graph files 4 years ago
  Matthieu Jacquot f9573511a2 update README & add vendoring 4 years ago
  Artemy Gavrelyuk a220084620 Add static files serving, templating and popup.html 4 years ago
  Melvin Carvalho b000d003f9 Merge pull request #93 from melvincarvalho/master 4 years ago
  Melvin Carvalho 41fc679a34 Update databrowser to latest version fixes #91 4 years ago
  Melvin Carvalho fa5552f720 Add switch for boltPath closes #90 4 years ago
  Melvin Carvalho 28b9498620 Add notes on howto perform account operations 4 years ago
  Dmitri Zagidulin f4247ae0dc Merge pull request #87 from csarven/ldn 5 years ago
  Sarven Capadisli f3ffe6c6a9 Use ldp:inbox instead of solid:inbox for NewWebIDProfile creation 5 years ago
  deiu 4cfbf64b11 set TMPDIR value for bolt 5 years ago
  deiu 294cf789d8 also revert link rels 5 years ago
  deiu 6578388e70 Reverted to namespace for Solid terms 5 years ago
  deiu 2e6b390f17 recover from panic without crashing 5 years ago
  deiu 239e9350f1 rebuild the redirect URL in case it contains other params 5 years ago
  deiu 582ea1cd8c renamed account/info to account/tokens 5 years ago
  deiu 6e021d33ca reuse the authz token for the same origin 5 years ago
  deiu 65bf26ba15 use http for the solid vocab 5 years ago
  deiu 06d55c83e4 try to guess account's WebID during login 5 years ago
  deiu 56bc9f9a31 added both types of typeIndexes 5 years ago