Commit History

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  nostalgiapurgatory 4f231e6f6c edits some experimental avatar styles 1 week ago
  Sazdx 2822503f3b Added UVs for the Book, Clock Post, Coffee Machine, Computers and started on the counter 1 week ago
  Sazdx 1eb39667cc tweaks on the new style top and accessory 1 week ago
  nostalgiapurgatory 551b81720e adds new avatars styles 1 week ago
  Sazdx 5ddc681ce4 updated one of the test avatars 1 week ago
  Sazdx 0ba96ea447 moved new style wearables into the avatar folder and added 6 outfitted avatars for testing 1 week ago
  nostalgiapurgatory fcba2bbe88 adds architectural avatar tests 1 week ago
  Sazdx 31be890640 Separated objects into individual blender files to unwrap. Unwrapped Couch, 1-Seat Sofa, Coffee Tables, Sink and Water Cooler 1 week ago
  nostalgiapurgatory cc9a5ca0ca adds architectural maps and style hub map 1 week ago
  Sazdx 89431dee99 added preview images for the new avatar style for testing 1 week ago
  Sazdx 40aa9ad1d2 rearranged the wearables in their respective folders 2 weeks ago
  Sazdx 100b2c1f4a Added new style avatar for testing with some wearables and color variations 2 weeks ago
  Sazdx 7878831ac3 added some Blender assets with UVs unwrapped. Fixed Riley's idle video and its frames 2 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt 9d90c3a4a6 More objects 2 weeks ago
  Sazdx f98f337341 Assetized objects from the architectural style map 2 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt 071256f307 Monday progress 2 weeks ago
  nostalgiapurgatory 5468431338 Architectural and Constellation map update 2 weeks ago
  Sazdx e3260f58b7 added flags to the uploaded folder 2 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt 8cf8b9e2f3 Update 2 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt 046708d257 have a dimensional weekend 3 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt e3f25ca49b dimensional files reorg 3 weeks ago
  Daud Alzayrt 3d1be56334 dimensional update 4 weeks ago
  Sazdx 31cf8eee0e added wayfinding text and arrows to the objects folder 1 month ago
  Sazdx cccb38955e Added a still standing frame for the NPC Videos 1 month ago
  Daud Alzayrt 57036c46bc Dimensional continues 1 month ago
  Daud Alzayrt 6d8b6e5049 space? 1 month ago
  Daud Alzayrt dd398b4d98 dimensional assets 1 month ago
  Sazdx 2b8826d088 added hologram icons 1 month ago
  nostalgiapurgatory 0db961af4f Where did this folder come from? 1 month ago
  nostalgiapurgatory f8a83003bf Style exploration 1 month ago