Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Frédéric Guillot 6378ad2734 Update ChangeLog 5 days ago
  Peter De Wachter 6f5ef10553 Only attempt to change password if the confirmation field is filled in 2 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot 28ba09e952 Remove URL from client user agent 1 week ago
  Peter De Wachter a86a7dce57 Use the appropriate message if there are no unread entries 1 week ago
  Peter De Wachter 27e79a4693 Make the feed list order case-insensitive 2 weeks ago
  Peter De Wachter 0cdcec10ca More robust Atom text handling 2 weeks ago
  Peter De Wachter 15505ee4a2 Make UTF-8 the default encoding for XML feeds 2 weeks ago
  Clar Charr 31e2669c4d Add more targets to Makefile 2 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot 362fc5c2ff Add -mod=vendor in Makefile 3 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot 79e7d007a4 Update man page 3 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot a9fad093e6 Move healthcheck endpoint from ui package to httpd service 3 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot 56efd2eb3f Add workaround for non GMT dates (RFC822, RFC850, and RFC1123) 3 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot 078cd0050a Make sure that <strong> elements are bold 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot e367f4ca21 Show scrollbars only when necessary for <pre> elements 1 month ago
  Nicola Moretto 0b63e05fe2 Add Italian translation 1 month ago
  Diego Agulló cf25efb4d9 Allow to switch between unread only and all entries on category/feed views 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 012138179c Add function storage.UpdateFeedError() 1 month ago
  Tom Matthews 8b40778ee1 Add BBC News scraping rule 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 6ae935309a Ignore JSON feeds from EnsureUnicode() 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 43ccaf52af Preserve category selection when no feed is found 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 82e08d0f69 Update XML encoding regex to take single quotes into consideration 1 month ago
  Bryan Roth 266d97ad63 Update en_US.json 1 month ago
  Frederic Guillot 6869c6fe6f Send cli errors to stderr 1 month ago
  Frederic Guillot 59d8e9b95e Update dependencies 1 month ago
  Frederic Guillot 61bfb3cfa8 Make password prompt compatible with Windows 1 month ago
  Jebbs 87648490fd Make configurable the number of days to archive read items 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 3e392dc3ae Change log level to debug when starting workers 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 35b890aadc Do not show $DATABASE_URL warning when showing application info 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 1bc8535dbb Move image proxy filter to template functions 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 6f5d93cbbe Update scraper rule for 1 month ago