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  Frode Aannevik 48abf57218 Add .search margin-right 4 days ago
  Frédéric Guillot 867dcb0004 Fix syntax errors in man page 6 days ago
  Ilya Glotov c840268678 Sort feed categories before serialization 1 week ago
  Pierre Dubouilh f783b135c7 Pass auth header to manifest request 1 week ago
  Frédéric Guillot a04fe1aa7e Update Docker image to Alpine Linux 3.10.0 3 weeks ago
  Frédéric Guillot d01a2dd651 Update ChangeLog 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot ec8fa56c95 Update vendor folder 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 91508c50b5 Add option to toggle date/time in log messages 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot f7b7b63e3f Add optional config file parser in addition to environment variables 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot bb720c87c1 Make HTTP Client timeout and max body size configurable 1 month ago
  Frédéric Guillot 228862fefa Refactor config package 1 month ago
  Ben Cohen 04d85b3c63 Flip behavior of j and k keyboard shortcuts 1 month ago
  Aaron Bieber 5f487e8c79 Bump pq to v1.1.1 to bring in SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication. 2 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 0dff432337 Remove debug timer from most storage functions 2 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 4295a86e55 Add option to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts 2 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 3c8cc0b2b6 Update links to the documentation 2 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 34df45da2f Add missing translation 3 months ago
  Diego Agulló a6068aae1d Improve page reload when showing unread/all entries 3 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 8ee1a09dc7 Always display feed entries even when there is a feed error 3 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot f593dc8463 Use loading label instead of saving when submitting login form 3 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 129f1bf3da Add support for OPML v1 import 3 months ago
  Jeremy Apthorp 304b43cb30 Add 'allow-popups' to iframe sandbox permissions 3 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 3a483be258 Update ChangeLog 4 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 220d9e3d56 Move Dockerfile to main repo 4 months ago
  3ddysan fc473f1d11 Add double tap detection for next/previous page navigation 4 months ago
  Jacob Wahlgren 22b68eefd8 Allow users to disable auto-remove 4 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 6764a420b0 Make parser compatible with Go 1.12 4 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 45df254fe7 Add Golang 1.12 to CI 4 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot f3fc8b7072 Use feed ID instead of user ID to check entry URLs presence 4 months ago
  Frédéric Guillot 1634e267b8 Fix typo in stylesheet 4 months ago