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  Marten Seemann 7fa0ebbfc8 Merge pull request #1780 from lucas-clemente/standard-library-tls 13 hours ago
  Marten Seemann 2aa5e61cc9 update README with the new Go version requirement 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 500717066e use (a modified version of) the standard library TLS implementation 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 4ed0ef4b9c use Go 1.12rc1 on CIs 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann fd7246d7ed Merge pull request #1785 from lucas-clemente/pn-spaces 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann f6642ff948 use separate packet number spaces for sending packets 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann b35c161f2e don't ignore reordered ACKs 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 631947ad7d use shorter variable name in the sent packet handler 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann cb253010ea Merge pull request #1783 from lucas-clemente/fix-ack-delay-exponent-parsing 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 2536e4f17b Merge pull request #1784 from lucas-clemente/disable-vn-test-race-detector 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 9bffce264f don't run the version negotiation tests with race detector 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann c7f1fce88a set the default value for the ack_delay_exponent, if it is not sent 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 7dc4be2ce9 Merge pull request #1779 from lucas-clemente/remove-tls-received-extensions-error 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 26afc7a4ca remove the error return value when receiving TLS extensions 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann f4057379fe Merge pull request #1777 from lucas-clemente/post-handshake-crypto 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann b24b8e6926 implement sending of post-handshake crypto messages 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann e7ed5e3c92 implement the crypto stream for post-handshake crypto messages 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 89c7f628ca Merge pull request #1776 from lucas-clemente/handle-retry-in-session 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 17f4ebad64 handle Retry packets in the session 2 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 7a7e7ca6eb add a function to pass the retry token to the packet packer 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 2712626e66 move processing of transport parameters to the session 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann a95b7c2868 refactor how transport parameters are passed from the extension handler 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 707e9f7b79 Merge pull request #1724 from lucas-clemente/ack-delay-exponent 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 903b7751a5 Merge pull request #1771 from lucas-clemente/log-new-token-frame 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 8380cf97a4 improve logging of NEW_TOKEN frames 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 6834c37462 move the maximum ack delay exponennt to the protocol constants 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann cebb4342ec use the ack_delay_exponent sent in the transport parameters 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann 155ebd18a2 parse and send the ack_delay_exponent in the transport parameters 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann ee75f5e2f2 implement ACK frame parsing using an ack delay exponent 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann 741521c4d1 refactor frame parsing into a separate struct 1 month ago