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  Marten Seemann 2133d01956 Merge pull request #2069 from lucas-clemente/grease-transport-parameters 1 day ago
  Marten Seemann 07a7c0ac62 Merge pull request #2071 from lucas-clemente/fuzz 1 day ago
  Marten Seemann 481cf25910 grease transport parameters 5 days ago
  Marten Seemann 3e65cfd9c0 Merge pull request #2074 from lucas-clemente/invalid-ack-delays 2 days ago
  Marten Seemann 295533595a Merge pull request #2073 from lucas-clemente/conn-close-frame-frame-type 2 days ago
  Marten Seemann b307b3d06f Merge pull request #2072 from lucas-clemente/fix-new-conn-id-frame 2 days ago
  Marten Seemann f0bdf4f982 gracefully handle invalid ACK delay values when parsing ACK frames 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann 96f0e96e45 parse and write the frame type field in the CONNECTION_CLOSE frame 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann 6bcd740f56 reject NEW_CONNECTION_ID frames with invalid Retire Prior To values 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann bb4cfe29cb fix connection ID length check in the NEW_CONNECTION_ID frame 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann 0d7c6b9d72 run fuzzit 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann 2c22eb644c fuzz the header parsing 4 days ago
  Marten Seemann 7df59b855f remove stray TODO in the server 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann dfedde672c add a Changelog entry for the EarlyListener 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 9c00802303 Merge pull request #2023 from lucas-clemente/early-data 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 8215e70de0 add an integration test for 0.5-RTT data 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 5cbb8d6597 implement a listener that returns early sessions 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann 8c777dab01 Merge pull request #2044 from lucas-clemente/packet-reordering-loss-detection 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 842435a3d4 Merge pull request #2053 from lucas-clemente/improve-mitm-tests 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann cc76441539 implement a function that blocks until an early session can be used 3 weeks ago
  Marten Seemann b06d7b0cba use the HandshakeComplete() context for accepting sessions in the server 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann 3724f91f33 simplify setup of the server 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann 6eb72f712d implement a session method to tell if the handshake is already complete 1 month ago
  Marten Seemann e34f6b651d Merge pull request #2056 from lucas-clemente/fix-flaky-stateless-reset-test 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 1a9b568177 implement packet-threshhold based loss detection 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 94a760ecff refactor DetectLostPackets to match the draft 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 97699ea26e improve the MITM tests 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann d201ecb03b fix flaky stateless reset integration test 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann 264eaf2a7b Merge pull request #2051 from lucas-clemente/aead-open-rcv-time 1 week ago
  Marten Seemann bceefa2f70 Merge pull request #2049 from lucas-clemente/fix-initial-pto 1 week ago