Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marten Seemann 2b8cece60a add a context to Session.Open{Uni}StreamSync 8 months ago
  Marten Seemann 5550ba2c3b add a context to Session.Accept{Uni}Stream 9 months ago
  Marten Seemann 51c9c42adc reject transport parameters with too large stream counts 11 months ago
  Marten Seemann 5e34cb1d71 run go generate ./... 11 months ago
  Marten Seemann 9518c90c0a implement and use the MAX_STREAMS frame 1 year ago
  Marten Seemann da49295b52 expose methods for opening and accepting unidirectional streams 2 years ago
  Marten Seemann 46e20ce8c9 implement handling of MAX_STREAM_ID frames 2 years ago
  Marten Seemann 02949853f7 use the new stream maps for the IETF QUIC streams map 2 years ago
  Marten Seemann 69437a0e78 introduce a streamManager interface for the streamsMap 2 years ago