Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexis Faizeau 3273b61d46 Update map optimizer plugin to 1.1.2 5 days ago
  Alexis Faizeau c19aef8e28 Update map optimizer to 1.1.1 5 days ago
  Alexis Faizeau 02a315a1cd Update map optmizer to 1.1.0 6 days ago
  Alexis Faizeau b38159f9f6 Change base module to be relative 6 days ago
  Alexis Faizeau 5484b84be4 Update map optimizer plugin to 1.0.4 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau 6c9d6084ce Update to 3.0.4 1 week ago
  Valdo Romao 6ecdb1ebbf Replaced jitsi and silent layers by areas 1 week ago
  Valdo Romao 01ca1478ad Removed example folder and old assets 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau 4210a5e356 Update 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau eb69ff91c0 Modify folder architecture 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau 424937717c Add cache control header 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau 0212540612 Update version on package.json to 3.0.2 1 week ago
  Alexis Faizeau af7be2b1ec Add typing on script 2 weeks ago
  Alexis Faizeau 79974a71ff Tag 3.0.1 3 weeks ago
  Alexis Faizeau 1f9ea20eab Update map optimizer plugin to 1.0.2 3 weeks ago
  Alexis Faizeau 30e4b67259 Update map optimizer plugin to 1.0.1 3 weeks ago
  David Négrier c2e7de933e Merge pull request #37 from thecodingmachine/vite 3 weeks ago
  Alexis Faizeau fd4c8e6324 Replace Webpack by Vite 3 weeks ago
  Valdo Romao 6e9e4ed2f2 Fixed belowFurniture typo 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 5ffe6f81e6 Upgraded actions/setup-node pkg 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao e9fe1e0dfe Upgraded typings 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 7b1d17dcb7 Add pages permission 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 078ae2cafa Updated actions permission and checkout pkg 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 2c0a214de8 Updated pkg 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 57ba2b7295 npm audit fix 1 month ago
  Valdo Romao 7f55e7a427 Updated typings pkg 3 months ago
  Valdo Romao e16c5d85a8 Changed website map url style 3 months ago
  Valdo Romao 2538a2b210 Added social links to index.html 3 months ago
  Valdo Romao 5aa3ae2638 Updated pkg 3 months ago
  Valdo Romao 5df3aee111 Fixed script 3 months ago