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WorkAdventure Map Starter Kit


This is a starter kit to help you build your own map for WorkAdventure.

To understand how to use this starter kit, follow the tutorial at


  • tilesets : All tilesets
  • public : Static files
  • src : All TypeScript/Javascript scripts
  • map.json : Map file
  • map.png : Image displayed on and on the map infos in-game

If you want to use more than one map file, just add the new map file in the root folder, your tilesets in the assets folder and a new script if you need it in the src folder (it will be automaticaly optimized in production).


With npm installed (comes with node), run the following commands into a terminal in the root directory of this project:

npm install
npm run dev

Test optimized map

You can test the optimized map as you do in production:

npm run build
npm run preview


This project contains multiple licenses as follows:

About third party assets

If you add third party assets in your map, do not forget to:

  1. Credit the author and license with the "tilesetCopyright" property present in the properties of each tilesets in the map.json file
  2. Add the license text in LICENSE.assets