Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sergey M․ 0add33abcb [youtube] Improve unavailable message extraction (refs #22117) 5 days ago
  Chuck Cho 0326bcb6c1 [piksel] add subtitle capability (#20506) 6 days ago
  Sergey M․ def849e0e6 release 2019.08.13 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 69611a1616 [ChangeLog] Actualize 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 351f37c022 [youtube:playlist] Improve flat extraction (closes #21927) 1 week ago
  lightmare 3bce4ff7d9 [downloader/fragment] Fix ETA calculation of resumed download (#21992) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine ffddb11264 [YoutubeDL] check annotations availabilty(closes #18582) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 64b6a4e91e [youtube] fix annotations extraction(closes #22045) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine b3d39be239 [discovery] extract series meta field(#21808) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 1357734978 [youtube] Improve error detection (#16445) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine eb9c9c74a6 [vimeo] fix album extraction 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 5efbc1366f [roosterteeth] add support for watch URLs 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 995f319b06 [discovery] limit video data by show slug(closes #21980) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M d9d3a5a816 [] Move code from #21939 to the right place 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 4f2d735803 release 2019.08.02 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 2e9522b061 [ChangeLog] Actualize 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ be306d6a31 [tvigle] Fix extraction and add support for HLS and DASH formats (closes #21967) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 33b529fabd [yandexvideo] Add support for DASH formats (#21971) 2 weeks ago
  Kyle 07f3a05c87 [] Add some more coding conventions (#21939) 2 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 535111657b [discovery] use API call for video data extraction(#21808) 2 weeks ago
  cantandwont 826dcff99c Output batch filename when it could not be read (#21915) 3 weeks ago
  Sen Jiang 9a37ff82f1 [mgtv] Extract format_note (#21881) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 766c4f6090 [tvn24] Fix test 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 7279163412 [tvn24] Fix metadata extraction (closes #21833, closes #21834) 3 weeks ago
  CeruleanSky 07ab44c420 [dlive] Relax _VALID_URL (#21909) 3 weeks ago
  smed79 2c8b1a21e8 [openload] Add support for (#21913) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ c2d125d99f [youtube] Improve metadata extraction for age gate content (closes #21943) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 85c2c4b4ab release 2019.07.30 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 8614a03f9c [ChangeLog] Actualize 3 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 8dbf751aa2 [youtube] improve title and description extraction(closes #21934) 3 weeks ago