Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sergey M․ 25b83c2a0e [srgssrplay] Improve _VALID_URL (closes #21155) 1 day ago
  Stefan Pöschel 3fe774722b [srgssrplay] Add support for popupvideoplayer URLs 5 days ago
  Sergey M․ f4cc2ca503 [24video] Add support for (closes #21194) 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ 11ec06de7f [24video] Add support for (closes #21193) 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ 53cd37bac5 [utils] Improve strip_or_none 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ f856816b94 [extractor/common] Strip src attribute for HTML5 entries code (closes #18485, closes #21169) 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ 8af49fc276 [pornflip] Remove extractor 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ 9c5f2988b9 [criterion] Remove extractor (closes #21195) 1 day ago
  Sergey M․ afd4985f72 [travis] Force dist to Ubuntu Trusty by default 2 days ago
  NRTICN 2c53c0ebc6 [pornhub] Use https (#21061) 2 days ago
  Georgi Saev bbf1defe58 [bitchute] Fix uploader extraction (#21076) 2 days ago
  Malte Kiefer 186d185b6e [streamcloud] Reduce waiting time to 6 seconds (#21092) 2 days ago
  ealgase 612300a686 [novamov] Remove extractors (#21077) 2 days ago
  smed79 ea75382094 [openload] Add support for (#21135) 2 days ago
  Sergey M․ e438e81469 [vivo] Improve extraction (closes #19217) 2 days ago
  Daniel Höpfl 0e6f914b3b [vivo] Fix extraction (closes #18906) 3 months ago
  Sergey M․ 6ab30ff50b release 2019.05.20 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ 42c971341b [ChangeLog] Actualize 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ ce2fe4c01c [extractor/common] Add doc string for _apply_first_set_cookie_header 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ a9e03736df [safari] Fix authentication (closes #21090) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ e3c1266f49 [extractor/common] Move workaround for applying first Set-Cookie header into a separate method 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 82e91d20a0 [vrt] fix extraction(closes #20527) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 170d644440 [canvas] add support for vrtnieuws and sporza site ids and extract AES HLS formats 1 week ago
  Remita Amine 5831742840 [vrv] extract captions(closes #19238) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ a277dd33eb [tele5] Improve video id extraction 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 0e0bfd334c [tele5] Relax _VALID_URL (closes #21020, closes #21063) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ e6a25fea23 [svtplay] Update API URL (closes #21075) 1 week ago
  Remita Amine b7df8f90a7 [yahoo:gyao] add X-User-Agent header to dam proxy requests(closes #21071) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 8ae32e1882 release 2019.05.11 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 07a2cef782 [ChangeLog] Actualize 2 weeks ago