Sergey M․ caf48f557a [metacafe] Fix family filter bypass (closes #19287) 1 day ago
downloader f1ab3b7de7 [downloader/hls] fix uplynk ad skipping(closes #18824) 1 month ago
extractor caf48f557a [metacafe] Fix family filter bypass (closes #19287) 1 day ago
postprocessor ce52c7c111 [postprocessor/ffmpeg] Fix avconv processing broken in #19025 (closes #19067) 3 weeks ago 1211bb6dac [YoutubeDL] Improve _make_archive_id (closes #19149) 2 weeks ago 5f95927a62 Improve geo bypass mechanism 9 months ago 611c1dd96e [refactor] Single quotes consistency 3 years ago cf2820710d Switch codebase to use compat_b64decode 1 year ago 590bc6f6a1 Use expand_path where appropriate (closes #12556) 1 year ago 075a13d3e9 [compat] Introduce compat_integer_types 8 months ago 0e2d626ddd [jsinterp] Fix typo and cleanup regexes (closes #13134) 1 year ago d4a24f4091 Prefer ffmpeg over avconv by default (closes #8622) 7 months ago 54f54fcca7 [socks] Report errors elegantly when credentails are required but missing 1 year ago 582be35847 Update coding style after pycodestyle 2.1.0 2 years ago 0c3e5f4921 Revert "Respect --prefer-insecure while updating (closes #15497)" 1 year ago 22f5f5c6fc [malltv] Add extractor (closes #18058) 2 weeks ago 77a842c892 release 2019.02.18 5 days ago