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  1. ChangeLog for Redland-ObjC
  2. 2012-07-19 pp:
  3. Move project to GitHub:
  4. See commit logs for newer changes
  5. 2005-08-23 kianga:
  6. Redland-ObjC now uses SenTestingKit instead of UnitKit for all unit tests. SenTestingKit is included with Xcode 2.1.
  7. Added limit/setLimit: and offset/setOffset: methods to RedlandQuery class.
  8. 2005-02-06 kianga:
  9. API CHANGE: Added baseURI argument to all RedlandQuery initializers.
  10. Added -[RedlandModel containsContext:] method which checks for the existence of a context in the model.
  11. Added methods isBindings, isBoolean, isGraph, getBoolean, and resultStream to QueryResults class.
  12. Added new serializer name constants RedlandAbbreviatedRDFXMLSerializer and RedlandRSS10Serializer.
  13. 2004-11-06 kianga:
  14. Added feature constants for all Raptor features (as of raptor-1.4.2).
  15. Recompiled against patched Raptor-1.4.2 to re-enable RSS tag soup parser.
  16. 2004-11-03 kianga:
  17. Fix librdf assertion when calling [RedlandNode URIValue] on a non-resource node.
  18. Change includes from <redland.h> to <Redland/redland.h>.
  19. Include Redland headers in framework package.
  20. Released 0.9.19p1.
  21. Patched Redland header files to include <Redland/...> if LIBRDF_OBJC_FRAMEWORK is defined.
  22. Various changes to the build system.
  23. Added COMPILING.txt with some hints for compiling the framework from source.
  24. Added Documentation target which automatically generates framework documentation via HeaderDoc.
  25. Added aggregate target "Release" which runs all tests, compiles the framework, and generates the documentation.
  26. 2004-11-02 kianga:
  27. RedlandSerializer: Added serializedStringFromModel:, and reimplemented serializedDataFromModel: to use the new librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_counted_string function.
  28. Use librdf_serializer_serialize_model_to_file_handle instead of the deprecated librdf_serializer_serialize_model.
  29. Disabled RSS parser support in the statically linked Raptor due to the outdated libxml2 on OS X 10.3.5.
  30. 2004-10-27 kianga:
  31. Added "real" initializers (which do not return autoreleased objects) to most classes.
  32. 2004-10-18 kianga:
  33. Fixed bug in the RedlandWorld, RedlandModel, RedlandParser and RedlandSerializer methods setValue:ofFeature: which caused a "selector not recognized" exception when passing a URI as the feature parameter.
  34. Added a test case for RedlandParser's setValue:ofFeature: method.
  35. 2004-10-15 kianga:
  36. Added nil argument checks to various methods.
  37. Added valueOfFeature: and setValue:ofFeature: methods to RedlandWorld, RedlandParser, RedlandSerializer, RedlandModel.
  38. Added setPrefix:forNamespaceURI: method to RedlandSerializer.
  39. Added addNamespace: convenience method to RedlandSerializer.
  40. RedlandWorld can now log errors to the console.
  41. RedlandParser, RedlandSerializer, and RedlandQuery now check for errors in more methods, and throw exceptions if necessary.
  42. Added more sanity checks to [RedlandModel loadURL:withContext:].
  43. Added a bad query test to QueryTest.m.
  44. earlier:
  45. Added RedlandScanForRDFFeature feature constant (more to follow).
  46. Added RedlandNamespace registration and lookup (experimental).
  47. Added tests for predefined namespaces.
  48. Added tests RedlandNamespace register/unregister tests.
  49. Added preliminary Makefile for command-line compilation.