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The project is heavily WIP!

[x]  C libraries cross-compile successfully (armv6, armv7)
[x]  Mac build succeeds
[x]  Mac unit tests succeed
[x]  iOS build succeeds
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[ ]  Deprecated librdf calls have been replaced
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[x]  iOS framework has been used in a sample app

Redland Objective-C RDF Wrapper

This projects is a resurrection of Rene Puls' Objective-C wrapper for the Redland C libraries for Mac, with the addition of a static library target suitable for iOS. The code now requires Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) to be enabled.

Building the C libraries

There is a Python-script that downloads and (cross-)compiles raptor2, rasqal and librdf, the components you need. The script needs you to have Xcode 4.4 or 4.5 and the iOS SDK 5.1 installed, and make sure you install the command line tools from within Xcode. Then just choose the Build C Library target and hit Run. Alternatively, open the Terminal and execute the script manually:

$ cd Redland-ObjC/Redland-source
$ ./

Compiling requires pkg-config which you can most easily install via Homebrew:

$ brew install pkg-config

Using the Framework

[more to come]

Building the Documentation

The code is documented using appledoc. If you want to compile the documentation it's best if you grab appledoc from GitHub, build and install it and then run it against the code:

$ git clone git://
$ cd appledoc
$ ./ -b /usr/local/bin -t ~/Library/Application\ Support/appledoc
$ cd ..
$ appledoc .

NOTE: appledoc currently does not support the ///< token, so some property documentations are shifted and thus off!

Note that this assumes that you have write permissions for /usr/local, if not you may need to issue this command as root with sudo. The documentation is now available from within Xcode.