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as I didn't get TidyService to work correctly with UTF8 umlauts, I created a UNIX Shell Script wrapper for html tidy as it comes with OS X that does the job at least for TextWrangler:

  1. open TextWranglers „Unix Filters Folder“
  2. create a file named e.g. „Tidy Html.sh“,
  3. paste the following lines into the file and save it:


    run "tidy" on the file given as 1st (and only) parameter.

    # /usr/bin/tidy -utf8 -asxhtml -indent -wrap 100 -quiet "$1" 2> /dev/null

  4. now you can run tidy on files opened in TextWrangler, even remote files.

  5. assign a keyboard shortcut (I used CTRL-T in the shot above) via the „Unix Filters“ Palette: