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title: 'Upgrade iOS SDK 4.0 -> 4.1 with custom location' author: Marcus Rohrmoser type: post date: 2010-09-24T10:04:17+00:00 url: /2010/09/upgrade-ios-4-0-to-4-1-with-custom-location/ yourls_shorturl:


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again, for my custom install location I need to prepare:

  1. cleanly uninstall and remove cruft:

    $ dir=/Users/Developer.SnowLeopard
    $ sudo sh $dir/Library/uninstall-devtools
    $ sudo rm -r $dir/*
    $ sudo mv /Developer /Developer.deleteme

  2. then do the custom-location install and

  3. finally restore some hotfix softlinks:

    $ dir=/Users/Developer.SnowLeopard
    $ sudo ln -s $dir/Platforms /Developer/Platforms
    $ sudo ln -s $dir/SDKs /Developer/SDKs
    $ sudo ln -s $dir/Applications/Xcode.app /Developer/Applications/Xcode.app

Not removing the cruft will get you this quite terse error message:

XCode 3.2.4 install without prior cleaning

XCode 3.2.4 install without prior cleaning