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there's tons of recipes out there how to do this – nevertheless I want to add another one:


  1. create a new build phase (here named „Git Sha -> Info.plist“)
  2. paste

    # write git version SHA into Info.plist

    inspired by

    - http://kswizz.com/post/2686511526/git-xcode-versioning

    - http://stackoverflow.com/a/12658311

    cd "$PROJECT_DIR"

    say hello

    /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :CFBundleVersionGitSHA $(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$INFOPLIST_PATH"

  3. add key CFBundleVersionGitSHA with placeholder text to your Info.plist

I went for this one because

  1. easy setup,
  2. no build/compiler settings changes,
  3. doesn't interfere with 'normal' versioning,
  4. simplest I've seen so far, no dependencies except git,
  5. explicit failure if e.g. git is missing.