The RSS feed for websites missing it

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LICENSE Build Status

rss-bridge is a PHP project capable of generating ATOM feeds for websites which don't have one.

Supported sites/pages (main)

  • FlickrExplore : Latest interesting images from Flickr
  • GoogleSearch : Most recent results from Google Search
  • GooglePlus : Most recent posts of user timeline
  • Twitter : Return keyword/hashtag search or user timeline
  • : Identica user timeline (Should be compatible with other instances)
  • YouTube : YouTube user channel, playlist or search
  • Cryptome : Returns the most recent documents from
  • DansTonChat: Most recent quotes from
  • DuckDuckGo: Most recent results from
  • Instagram: Most recent photos from an Instagram user
  • OpenClassrooms: Lastest tutorials from
  • Pinterest: Most recent photos from user or search
  • ScmbBridge: Newest stories from
  • Wikipedia: highlighted articles from Wikipedia in English, German, French or Esperanto
  • Bandcamp : Returns last release from bandcamp for a tag
  • ThePirateBay : Returns the newest indexed torrents from The Pirate Bay with keywords
  • Facebook : Returns the latest posts on a page or profile on Facebook

Plus many other bridges to enable, thanks to the community

Output format

Output format can take several forms:

  • Atom : ATOM Feed, for use in RSS/Feed readers
  • Mrss : MRSS Feed, for use in RSS/Feed readers
  • Json : Json, for consumption by other applications.
  • Html : Simple html page.
  • Plaintext : raw text (php object, as returned by print_r)


Welcome screen:


RSS-Bridge hashtag (#rss-bridge) search on Twitter, in ATOM format (as displayed by Firefox):



  • PHP 5.6, e.g. AddHandler application/x-httpd-php56 .php in .htaccess
  • openssl extension enabled in PHP config (php.ini)
  • allow_url_fopen=1 in php.ini

Enabling/Disabling bridges

By default, the script creates whitelist.txt and adds the main bridges (see above). whitelist.txt is ignored by git, you can edit it:

  • to enable extra bridges (one bridge per line)
  • to disable main bridges (remove the line)
  • to enable all bridges (just one wildcard * as file content)

New bridges are disabled by default, so make sure to check regularly what's new and whitelist what you want!


Deploy on Scalingo


We are RSS Bridge Community, a group of developers continuing the project initiated by sebsauvage, webmaster of, author of Shaarli and ZeroBin.

Patch/contributors :


Code is Public Domain.

Including PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser under the MIT License

Technical notes

  • There is a cache so that source services won't ban you even if you hammer the rss-bridge with requests. Each bridge can have a different duration for the cache. The cache subdirectory will be automatically created and cached objects older than 24 hours get purged.
  • To implement a new Bridge, follow the specifications and take a look at existing Bridges for examples.
  • To enable debug mode (disabling cache and enabling error reporting), create an empty file named DEBUG in the root directory (next to index.php).
  • For more information refer to the Wiki


Dear so-called "social" websites.

Your catchword is "share", but you don't want us to share. You want to keep us within your walled gardens. That's why you've been removing RSS links from webpages, hiding them deep on your website, or removed feeds entirely, replacing it with crippled or demented proprietary API. FUCK YOU.

You're not social when you hamper sharing by removing feeds. You're happy to have customers creating content for your ecosystem, but you don't want this content out - a content you do not even own. Google Takeout is just a gimmick. We want our data to flow, we want RSS or ATOM feeds.

We want to share with friends, using open protocols: RSS, ATOM, XMPP, whatever. Because no one wants to have your service with your applications using your API force-feeding them. Friends must be free to choose whatever software and service they want.

We are rebuilding bridges you have wilfully destroyed.

Get your shit together: Put RSS/ATOM back in.